Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Timeless 5th Excerpt


Here's the 5th installment from Timeless.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

The guard shack was actually a small building set above the site. Lights shined out the two windows on the eastern face of the structure. Regan stopped as she spied Kennedy sitting in a chair before a desk reading a book.
“Well that’s a relief,” she said on a sigh as the tight band of anxiety tying her stomach into knots released.
“Let’s leave him to his book and go back and open the wine.”
“Or we could go down and see what effect, if any, the lightning had on the monoliths. The strikes have to screw with the magnetic field of the stones?”
“Have you not tested it yet?” he asked, his tone laced with surprised.
“They’ve kept me busy analyzing the data from our dive and helping in the preservation lab for the last few days.” It had more to do with liability for her injury than the need for her help in those areas.
“We could go down and see if they register any type of magnetic qualities now that the lightning has passed,” he suggested.
“We didn’t bring anything to test it with.”
Quinn withdrew a pocketknife from his jeans. “If they’re magnetic this will stick to the side of a stone. It won’t be scientific, but we’ll be able to tell if the lightning charge has had an effect.”
The crunch of the gravel beneath their feet had a soggy sound. The rain stopped as they reached the scaffolding and Regan lowered the umbrella and folded it into its compact form.
Quinn caught her hand as they strolled through the arch of the first monoliths. The air felt waterlogged, almost muggy, and smelt like the loch.
He paused by the second stone, the one that had received a direct strike, and touched it with his pocketknife. The metal adhered to the stone as though glued there.
“I’ll be damned.” He pulled free the blade and replaced it several times.
Curious to see if all the monoliths were affected or just a few, she tugged at his hand and they strolled around the henge in a counter clockwise direction. In a random pattern, they stopped at several stones to test them. Each showed the same magnetic ability.
“I’ve never seen anythin’ like this,” Quinn said.
“Neither have I.”
She paused before the stone she’d been working on before her dive. Hannah had finished removing the algae. The flashlight’s illumination made the hieroglyphs look as though they writhed upon the face of the stone.
“I haven’t looked at the markings up close. They appear alive somehow,” Quinn said as he rested his hand on the side of the stone and rubbed his fingers over it.
“Alive. That’s a good way to put it.” Regan touched one deep groove in the center of the monolith. Warmth seared her fingertips and the stone latched onto her skin with the ferocity of a hungry leech. A shudder, soul deep raced through her system as prickles of fear and power raced through her system.
“Quinn—“ His name was jerked from her, a plea and a warning. But it was too late.
Light blazed between the monoliths bathing Quinn’s tall form in fire. 

Teresa J. Reasor 

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