Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erotic Stories: Tasteful and Sweet

I read everything! I'm not exaggerating.  From the driest tome on Art History to BDSM. I love the written word. But there are some authors who stand out in certain genres.

I recently found one who has put a different twist on her erotic stories. Her name is Dara Ames.  Here's her bio.

 Dara Ames is a wife, mother, and avid reader who reads widely across several genres, including romance, mystery, true crime, and sensual erotica. A small-town, southern girl, she has a soft spot for sweet tea, dark chocolate, and warm summer evenings with her husband.
Dara's niche is romantic erotic encounters between husbands and wives. Her goal is to offer readers the same exciting, sensual stories of traditional erotica, with the added twist of characters who are married. For those readers who enjoy the softer side of erotica, in Dara's writing you will find no multiple partners or sex between unmarried characters. What you will find is the same pulse-pounding sensuality that drew you to the erotic genre in the first place.
Because after all... "I do" is only the beginning of great sex!

I've read all three of her recently published short stories.  And I loved them.  So, I wanted to share the information about them. What really set them apart from some of the others I've read is that the couple is married and spicing up their love life.  Something we've all tried to do in our marriages. But what really revved my engine was the way the husband felt about his wife. How eager he was to be with her—and to please her. The emotion in the books upped the erotic element in the stories for me. And I'm sure it will you, too.

I thought I'd share them with you.

Married for four years, Jake and Emma Tyler live a happy, comfortable life in a suburb of Atlanta. Though they're still crazy in love with each other, Jake's job as an airline pilot keeps him away from home - and away from Emma - more than either of them like. Jake's always looking for ways to keep their sex life hopping, and his latest strategy involves random sexual fantasies written on slips of paper, pulled blindly from a bowl each time he returns home from a flight. When Jake returns home from a two-day absence, he and Emma, the lucky recipient of his efforts, draw two erotic fantasies from the bowl and heat things up out back beside the pool!

In "Curbside", the sequel to "Poolside", Jake and Emma Tyler continue their random sexual fantasy game, by drawing new fantasies to act out when Jake returns home from a long four-day flight schedule. They discover that not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but it makes the libido go into overdrive, too! This time, the married lovers steam up the windows as they enjoy a sexy romp in the car. Throw in a little dominance, and these two are in for one heck of a... ahem... ride!

In "Bedside", the final story in the "Sexy Sides" trilogy, Jake and Emma Tyler wind up their sex fantasy game by drawing the final two fantasies when Jake returns home from his latest flight. The sexy couple enjoy a wildly romantic night in their own bedroom, complete with rose petals and a blindfold! But the night doesn't end when the heavy breathing is over, because Emma's got a big surprise for her husband! Join this endearing (and still-hot-for-each-other) married couple as they end one set of adventures and begin another!

 Dara Ames did a wonderful job keeping her stories tasteful yet exciting and stimulating.  Read them I think you'll agree.

Read on,
Teresa J. Reasor


Dara said...

Teresa, thank you so much for the feature here on your blog. And also for the positive reviews you left for my stories. I truly appreciate it!

Teresa Reasor said...

You are completely welcome!! I enjoyed them very much.
Teresa R.

Soledad Knight said...

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Mountain Heritage Artisans Guild said...

I will certainly forward your comment to Dara so she can come back and comment. She'll be thrilled.
Teresa R.

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