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Breaking Through and Reviews

Breaking Through and Reviews 

I've gotten some wonderful reviews for my current new release, but I'd love to have more----if anyone is so inclined. Reviews are wonderful feedback about the characters and how readers feel about the story. They help writers weed out the things they're doing wrong and encourage things we do right.
So feel free to review the book on any site you purchased it from. 

I thought I'd share a few snippets from the reviews I've gotten on Amazon.

Cindy O said--- "This book packs a punch. There are so many emotional moments I cried at a few of them.'

DeeJ said --- "Brett Weaver, is as alpha as they come. The heroine, Tess, is both spirited and tender, and the two together are perfect together."

Ann said--- "Excellent story! 4.5 stars. This is why I love a good military-romance. Breaking Through was a very worthwhile read and a great way to spend my time lost in a satisfying story."

Sarah Stinson said ---"I've read this book three times since it came out!! I love it."

I'm so thrilled that the readers have embraced my writing.  That validation after months and months of work is so gratifying.

Blurb from Breaking Through:

What happens when a Navy SEAL wakes from a month-long coma to discover he’s being investigated for murder?

When Ensign Brett Weaver is accused of murder, he knows he’s innocent, but how can he prove it with Naval Investigators breathing down his neck? A chance meeting with reporter Tess Kelly offers him an opportunity to get the press on his side. But can he trust her to keep his other secrets off the record?

Tess works hard to live up to her father's expectations. When Brett offers her information about SEAL training in exchange for an introduction to her award-winning journalist father, she jumps at the chance. The situation Brett lobs into her father's lap is a major scoop. But the secret she discovers about Brett is just as newsworthy. Will her feelings for this wounded warrior win out, or will she release a story guaranteed to destroy Brett’s SEAL career?

When Tess’s father is kidnapped, Brett’s team is deployed to find him. At the same time, a leak in the investigation puts Tess and Brett’s lives in danger. Will Brett be able to break through the lasting effects of his injuries and prove he’s once again a battle-ready SEAL? Or will he and Tess lose everything at the whim of a vengeful killer?

I'm hard at work on Book 3- Breaking Away.  Doing research and getting a feel for my characters.  Flash is as alpha as the others but he's got a back story that will tear your heart out!!


Teresa Reasor 

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