Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating ONCE AGAIN a new YA release by Amy Durham

  We're celebrating today with YA author Amy Durham on her release Once Again (the Sky Cove Series).

Amy, I’m so thrilled to have you on my blog today. And tickled to be one of your first blog interviews to publicize your first Young Adult release :

With the book's release and another book started in the series, how does it feel to see Once Again on the cyber shelves of  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords ?

It’s really kind of surreal. I’ve been writing and pursuing this for almost 9 years, and at times it seemed like it would never happen.  Actually seeing my book and my name on the “cyber shelves” is crazy exciting! Also very exciting is the support and enthusiasm of my friends and family. So many of them have congratulated me, helped spread the word, and even bought the book. Those people… like YOU… who’ve helped make this dream a reality… I’ll never be able to say “thank you” adequately.

Please share the blurb with us so other readers can get a feel for what the book is about.

Reincarnation sucks! Unless it comes with a cute guy. That’s what sixteen year-old Layla Bradford discovers when she moves to Sky Cove, Maine, a small-town she thought was ordinary, but turns out to be an episode of “Cold Case” on steroids.

Layla doesn’t want to fit in; she wants to blend in and stay out of the spotlight. But the spotlight is where she winds up when she catches the eye of school cross-country star and all-around-nice-guy Lucas Ellis. She quickly learns there’s more at stake than high school reputations when she and Lucas discover they are the reincarnations of a young married couple from the mid-1800s who suffered a horrible tragedy at the hands of a madman who was never brought to justice. After a series of frightening visions show Layla and Lucas glimpses of their past-lives, they realize that the villain of their previous existence has also been reincarnated, in the form of a fellow high school student who targets them with teenage pranks that soon turn dangerous. As they grow closer, will Layla and Lucas be able to uncover the truth in time to stop the same tragedy from unfolding once again?

Tell us a little about your journey from Music Teacher to Published Author.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 11, even before I discovered my musical abilities. Even though I studied music in college and went on to become a music teacher, I never stopped wanting to write, and in the back of my mind was always the thought that “someday” I would do it. When I was 29, just before my second child was born, I decided that if I kept saying “someday”, it was never going to happen. So, I joined a writer’s organization, began networking with other authors, and most importantly, really studying and learning about the craft of writing fiction.  That was almost 9 years ago, and while I’m still a music teacher, it’s very cool to be able to add “published author” to the list of hats I wear!

What has been your biggest challenge writing?

Making time for writing is always a challenge, since I have a full-time job and a family of 5!  But I’ve learned that I can always find the time, because writing is important to me. Fortunately, my husband and my three boys are supportive and understanding, and if I need some quiet moments, they don’t blink if I hide in the bedroom or plug in my headphones and turn the music up!

Having already read Once Again I’m waiting impatiently for the next book. Do you want to share just a hint about where the other books of the Sky Cove Series is going from here? 

The next book is titled Once and For All.  It follows two secondary characters from Once Again, as they encounter their own reincarnation mystery. These two characters not only deal with the drama and danger of their reincarnation, but also an ancient curse that has never been broken.

I know you have your own blog and I know the readers here will be interested in that. Please share links to your blog and website if you’d like. I’m sure the readers will want to keep tabs on what you’re up to and when the next book will be released.

Absolutely! I love connecting with readers and book-enthusiasts!  You can find me online at the following places:

Twitter: @Amy_Durham

Feel free to stop by and strike up a conversation!

Thanks Teresa, for having me here today, and for being one of my biggest “cheerleaders”!

You're completely welcome. I am thrilled to have you. I'm looking forward to hearing big things from the book and the others in your series!!


Teresa Reasor said...

So glad to have you here on my blog Amy. And I just know you're book is going to be a real hit.
Teresa R.

Amy said...

Thanks Teresa! I'm tickled to be here at your cyber-home today. I'm grateful for the opportunity to promote my work with a variety of people! I know teen paranormal romance isn't everyone's "speed" when it comes to reading material, but I hope that those with kids, grandkids, etc. might pass on the info. to the young readers they know! said...

I'm so excited for you, Amy! Congratulations again.


Devon Matthews said...

Hey, Ladies! Just popped to say congratulations to Amy. Hope you sell a ton, sweetie!


Amy said...

Hallee & Devon - Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the support!!

perisquire30 said...

Hi Amy!
Reincarnation is one of my interests~I'll have to pick up a copy of your book! Can I ask what kind of research (if any) you did to write a book on teens and reincarnation?

Best of luck!!

~Roni Lynne
YA Adventures in the Paranormal...and Beyond!

Amy said...

I didn't do any formal research. I did surf the web for ideas/theories and from there I created my own terminology and specifics. I wanted my characters to see and experience parts other past lives, so they do have dreams and visions that "show" them. For me, that was the most important thing... for them to get to know their past-selves and experience that kind of love that transcends time and place. I hope you enjoy the story!

Amy said...

That should be "OF THEIR past lives".... Not "other past lives". Darn autocorrect.

Teresa Reasor said...

I'm so thrilled for you Amy. I know the series is going to be a success. And I'll say I knew you when. You can count on me to spread the word to the different public libraries and school libraries in our community.
Teresa R.