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New Release Breaking Hearts & Breaking Through Featured on Later In Life Romance

My New Release BREAKING HEARTS (BOOK 7 OF THE SEAL TEAM HEARTBREAKERS is up and running and is now available in print. I'm very excited about the book. It's a second chance romance story and I hope you'll find it's one of my best.  But Bowie doesn't just fall in love with a woman from his past. He falls for her three children too.   Here's an excerpt.  B owie buttoned his shirt and finger-combed his hair one last time. The black slacks and button-up, long-sleeve white dress shirt seemed the best way to go. The black tie with tiny silver-gray diamonds woven into the fabric was conservative but dressy. A gray blazer made it a classic look. He threw his jacket over his arm and checked that he had his wallet and keys. Wary of dropping the girls off at the apartment and leaving them, he’d swung by the super’s apartment, talked to him about a new door lock and deadbolt, and got him on board. The super promised to install it tomorrow morning. Alayna o

Breaking Hearts is Released!!! Here's an excerpt!!

IT'S RELEASE DAY! AND I'M SO EXCITED!  Bowie's story, BREAKING HEARTS is live. And I think you'll love reading it as much as I loved writing it. He Is sooooo sexy.  Bowie has always been the Casanova of the team. The serial dater, who never let a woman close to his heart. Now, we get to see why he is how he is. And there are a few hints about the next book sprinkled in, too.  HERE'S AN EXCERPT TO WET YOUR APPETITE:   Chapter 1 T here was nothing worse than running into one of the women he’d dated and not being able to remember her name. He hated the look of disappointment and hurt they shot him when he slipped up and couldn’t remember where he met them or the small details of their dates. It made him feel guilty and defensive, which pissed him off. Not at them, but at himself. One woman blended into the next between deployments. He hadn’t slept with them all…not that he could ever convince his teammates that he hadn’t. Their eagerness to believe in h