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Hallee Bridgeman and her Jewels

I'm hosting Hallee Bridgeman this week on my blog. Hallee writes edgy Inspirational Romance. What makes Hallee's books edgy is that her characters have had hard pasts that have required them to make tough decisions. Their paths to faith haven't been easy. Because faith, just like everything, has to be worked at. And unlike most inspirational romances, her characters' physical awareness and passion for each other is acknowledged, not just referred to in the abstract or tiptoed around. Though there isn't physical consummation, there is an understanding that passion inspired by love is a gift from God, just like all things in life. Hallee's written a wonderful trilogy. All of the books are great, but the third one, the one she's talking about today, is my absolute favorite. TOPAZ HEAT Hallee thank you for being on my blog today. Tell us what inspired your story?    This series was originally a traditional romance and was submitted t

Breaking Through THE BLURB

Yesterday I went to a Kentucky Romance Writers meeting. I had the best time. The meeting was about blurbs. Well, I've been working on mine for several days now. How anybody can sit and stare at the same four paragraphs for two days is beyond me, but that's what I'd been doing. STARING, TWEEKING, ADDING, PARING DOWN, READDING. Well you get the idea. Blurbs are sooooo important. They sell the book to the customer. Thus all the work and agonizing I've done over mine. With the help of some new friends and some old from my KYRW chapter and my wonderful crit loop Lethal Ladies, I hammered out my blurb. So, here it is. This will be on the back of my book when my book is released at the end of August. That's a tentative date. The book has taken on a life of its own, and I have four stories to tell all at the same time. But excuses aside, I'm making good progress because I HAVE MY BLURB!!! What happens when a Navy SEAL wakes from a mo

Stay On Top of Your Story With Story Boarding

Story Boarding  by Teresa Reasor    What is a Story Board? A story board is an aid used to help the writer both brainstorm and to visualize the different elements of their plot. It can be used to insure the character arcs are realized, the turning points in character development are reached, and also monitor the forward momentum of the plot.   With the use of brainstorming, post-it notes, colored markers, or the computer, you can plot an entire novel, tie up all your loose ends, and insure your plot doesn't falter. The Different ways to construct a Story Board. You can construct a story board the old fashioned way and use a desk calendar and five different color markers. You can use a laminated desk calendar for teachers you can purchase at Office Depot or any teacher supply store. And three to five different colored Post-it notes. You can use a laminated desk calendar and three to five Vis-à-vis markers. (these are markers used to w


I'm participating in the first annual INDIE-pendence Day Blog Fest. The Indie author I'm recognizing is Hayden Braeburn with her new release DANCE WITH ME. Hayden Braeburn packs a great deal of suspense, romance, and conflict into her 40,000 word book DANCE WITH ME. Katerina Nemecek  has financial problems, and the bank is breathing down her neck just waiting to foreclose on her dance studio. Mason Everett, the love of her life, is the banker who’s been put in charge of foreclosing on the property. When Mason proposes, Kat wants to say yes more than anything, but she’s concerned Mason and his family might think she’s marrying him for his money.    Mason knows Katerina loves him and that his family will accept her. Well, most of them. But Mason has been keeping his feelings for Katerina under wraps— not because he’s worried that his family won’t accept the woman he loves, but because someone from his past is determined that if she can’t have hi