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Being a writer is not always easy.  There are days I never look up from my computer. And others I wander through the house from room to room brainstorming to try and get a clearer picture of what I want to happen in my story. Some days it comes easy and others it's like pushing a jelly bean up a mountain with my nose. But yesterday was one of the good days.  I got my galley of Breaking Free.   I haven't okayed it yet.  I have to read all the way through the book and make sure that every t is crossed and every i dotted. But there's nothing wrong with the cover.  It's a beauty. And my man is something that dreams are made of.  Just as is my hero Adam "Hawk" Yazzie. As much as I'm enjoying my kindle, I have to tell you that holding that print book in my hand really thrilled me to no end. I believe it's because it is a concrete representation of all the work that has gone into writing a novel. Part of it is knowing that every one of my 93,000 word

Computer Gremlins Stay Away or Adventures in Self Publishing

I have to say that writing is a great deal easier than some of the other things that go with it. If we all think the publishing world is going through a monumental change---well so are the writers. In a way there has been a creative revolution in the publishing world that has led authors to seek more control over their careers. And self-publishing plays into that. Recently, I made the decision to self-publish a manuscript. And I have to say, aside from the excitement of putting my words out there, this has been a learning experience.   Luckily I have a wonderful network of supportive friends who understand the technology of publishing. They just hadn’t run up against the Reasor curse. When Tracy, my cover artist and friend, got together with me to help me format my work, I warned her straight up that I had a history of technological snafus and that anything that could go wrong--would go wrong. Seven hours later, she admitted that I might have some kind of computer gremlin hangin