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Mystery and Young Adult Writer, Jane Greenhill

Jane Greenhill and I have been friends ever since we were on the Lethal Ladies Crit loop together many moons ago. And though she's in Canada and I'm in the US, we stay in touch. She writes in many genres. No matter what she's writing, be it a YA book about aliens or a Mystery about Murder, she lends a good sense of humor to them all. There are laugh out loud moments in every story. I thought I'd share her books with my readers.    Booty Call For Murder Victoria Hubert spends her days with the Dewey Decimal System and her nights living vicariously through romance novels. When Detective Angus McDonald enters her library, she recognizes him as the coverboy of her current novel. Angus has more skeletons in his closet than a public official. He’s on the hunt for Richard Markov, a convicted felon who slipped through the justice system. Now Richard is back in town with a new agenda, Victoria is his next victim and as her life plays out like a romance no

A Newsletter and A Street Team

I haven't done a Street Team or a newsletter before.  But I'd love to have more contact with my readers. So if you're interested in either one please sign up. I'll be running a contest to help me come up a name to call the team once we have some members. Here's the link to reach the Street Team form: To sign up for the  my newsletter-- I promise I'll  just be sending out important updates and sneak peaks. I won't be a pest. Here's the link: Thank you, Teresa Reasor

Salute To Veterans Blog with Kally Masters

Next week I'll be participating in Kally Masters Military Appreciation Blog at On Veterans Day, please come share stories of YOUR special veterans. Kally will be donating a dollar amount for each comment on Monday's post (up to $1500) to the Wounded Warrior Project. Don't hesitate to tell your story because from each comment, she'll enter your name into a drawing and will send a donation in honor/memory for those who win so you or a loved one will receive a letter from the Wounded Warrior thanking you.   The blog will be running all week with other authors following Kally. We too will be giving away books and goodies.  The authors who will be participating are: 11/11: Kallypso Masters 11/12: Angel Payne and Teresa Reasor 11/13: Cat Johnson, Delilah Devlin, JM Madden, Sharon Hamilton 11/14: Kennedy Layne and Desiree Holt 11/15: Ann Mayburn  and Jayne Rylon It's going to be an exciting we