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In Honor of All Hallows' Eve and Samhain/Calan Gaeaf

Timeless and An Automated Death are being highlighted on Julie's Book Reviews on October 10th. If you go to Julie's blog you can sign up to win some prizes just by visiting!!!! All Hallows' Eve–the modern day Halloween has been celebrated for hundreds of years. In ancient times in Ireland and Scotland bonfires would be lit to remind witches of the fires of hell they tempted by casting spells and also to hold at bay the spirits that walked the earth on the last day of fall. It was the beginning of the dark time of the year—winter. It was the last day of the harvest and the time to prepare for the cold months ahead. The ancient God's had to be appeased with offerings so people and livestock would be assured to survive the difficult times. But it was also a time to honor ancestors who had passed on. The table would be set with food for each missing family member, who it was believed would return to their h