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Excerpt for An Automated Death

An Automated Death An Automated Death was published March 13th, 2013.  And I thought I'd post an except from the book for those who are interested. The story has two endings. One dark and one light.  I've published the story with them both.  Here's the excerpt: Automaton: A non-electronic machine that mimics the movements of an animal or a human.   A nineteenth century robot. London, England, 1863 Rain clouds rolled in over London, bringing with them a gray tinged afternoon light that struggled to penetrate the shop’s plate glass windows. Alan Cartwright turned up the wick on the oil lamp and moved it closer to the mechanism he worked on. Despite the gas lamps lining the interior walls, working on the small fittings of the automaton required additional light. The wooden clock cabinets and music boxes he built gleamed in the warm glow, their brass fittings sparkling gold. The smell of freshly cut wood and machine oil hung in the ai

An Automated Death: A Steampunk Short Story IT'S LIVE!!!

AN AUTOMATED DEATH AN AUTOMATED DEATH IS LIVE!!!  IT'S AVAILABLE AT AMAZON FOR NOW AND WILL BE AVAILABLE AT BAND N SMASHWORDS APPLE AND ECT. SOON!! MY COVER IS GORGEOUS!!! My cover art was done by BrittanyWeigle (akaBita)   from:  Here's the blurb:   After his wife’s death, clockmaker Alan Cartwright focuses all his energy on his work and his eight-year-old son, Brenton. Father and son bond by building a lifelike automaton, designed to resemble Brenton in looks and talent: The boy is an extraordinary artist. Before the automaton is finished, Brenton is run over and killed by a carriage driven by Sir William Tyndale, a decorated soldier and knight who lost his own wife and son during service in India. The accident leads to strange occurrences and an unholy obsession.   The automaton comes to life, communicating with Alan through written messages and drawings of the past and the future. Alan is convinced Brenton’s

My next Navy SEAL Lieutenant JG Harold "FLash"Carney

Sometimes we writers like to have inspiration when we write. And I love to find the guys who will be on my covers and keep a picture of them on my desktop.  We'll recently I found Flash. The hero in my next SEAL TEAM Heartbreaker novel Breaking Away   And I have to tell you this guy is something special. I can't wait to see what my cover artist Tracy Stewart will do with this image. But I know she'll make it into something special for me.  Until she does, I'll keep him on my desktop and let him help me write the story. Teresa R.   Breaking Through   Breaking Free