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The Power of the Paragraph

I've been working diligently on my next book. Deep Within The Stone. I'm almost done. I'm 54,000 words in and heading for home. YEA! But I'm not quite there yet.  When you write, it's a never ending learning experience. I learn something with every book. I usually do research for every book before I start and all during the writing process. For this one, I've done research on sculptural techniques for different mediums, magic, being an empath, and gargoyles: their history, purpose, structure. I have a wonderful coffee table book I've left out for people to look at and enjoy. If you're as interested (obsessed) with gargoyles as I am, you might want to check it out. The text is written by Stephen King and the photos by F-stop Fitzgerald.  It's very entertaining. And it's about the gargoyles in New York City. Titled Nightmares in the Sky. What else would King be writing about? LOL But to get back to the subject I really want to talk about:

Paranormals: Fun, Adventurous, Romantic, Creative & SEXY as Hell

I love writing Paranormal Romance. I love reading them as well. My SEAL Team Heartbreaker Series is based in reality, and I love writing about my guys. But my Superstition Series is based totally inside my imagination. Even the town Superstition, Kentucky is right there in my head. It has a small community college, a library that is utilized by the public and the college students, like many college libraries, and it has streets named for things based in magic.   I'm not saying that reality isn't as interesting a writing experience, but sometimes it's fun to step away and let the impossible happen. And writing Paranormal Romance does give me a break from the deep immersion into the military life and the intense emotions I usually experience when I live in my SEALs' world for a long time. My paranormal characters experience heart-wrenching things and have hot sexual encounters just like my SEAL characters.  But sometimes the love making my paranormal characters shar

New Release from New Adult Author Amy Durham!!!

I just had to send out a blog about my good friend, Amy Durham's latest release. We've been friends for about 10 years and she really has the perfect voice for New Adult (senior in highschool and college age). She also writes YA (young adult). Which she knows very well since she teaches middle school music. (Brave woman) LOL. She deals with real life situations in the Resolution Series. Her characters are strong people who have dealt with tough situations.  Some things you want to forget… Trapped in a nightmare after a college party her freshman year, only sheer determination got Sydney Baldwin through her sophomore year. But the effort of pretending she can lead a normal life in the place the nightmare began has finally proved too much. After her final exams, she packs her belongings, resolved to leave campus life behind forever. She’s hoping for a fresh start, and being maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding seems like the first step to moving beyond the darkness