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SEALS In Paradise Release!!! Elle James' Bachelor Party!

I have the pleasure to be a member of a really great group of authors. SEALS In Paradise Authors.  This year we're doing a bridal issue of our SEALS In Paradise Series and Elle James just released the first book in the series!!! Check it out!!! AMAZON    NOOK     KOBO    APPLE     GOOGLE PLAY  If you want something done right, pick the best man for the job As the best man, Navy SEAL Jacob “Rooster” Fowler is only responsible for two things—the bachelor party and getting the groom to the wedding on time. Enlisting the help of the wedding planner, he has a hell of a bachelor party planned. While trying unsuccessfully to keep his hands off the wedding planner, he’s in charge of a party complete with a stripper popping out of a cake. What could possibly go wrong? What can go wrong will, at the worst possible moment Casey Wesson promised the bride, the groom and a potential client that she’s an expert and can manage a wedding beautifully. Her friend is counting on her,

Building Strength & Taking The Plunge: A New Release & A Preorder

I'm shamelessly self-promoting my current NEW RELEASE Building Strength Book 9 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers). The book came out March 17, 2020. My next release Hot SEAL, Taking The Plunge, is due out September 1, 2020.  I thought I'd post the first chapter of each book so you can get a peek at the characters and the stories. And don't ignore the other links to other blogs in this post. There will be other excerpts of Building Strength you can access through links I've posted to 2 other blogs. Enjoy!!! BUILDING STRENGTH The Blurb:  Sleeping with a man before getting to know him isn’t the smartest blueprint for building a relationship. But after being celibate for so long, when lightning strikes redhead Moira McKee embraces being impetuous for once in her life and decides to go with it. Even if Navy SEAL Lieutenant Sam Harding never calls her again, he will at least have replaced the painful memories of her first (and last) intimate experience. Sam Ha