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Timeless is Released in Paperback and Traveling back to Loch Maree

Timeless has been released in paperback.  I'm so thrilled! I know the book's been out for a few weeks in ebook format, but I just love holding the real book in my hand. The cover is a little different from the ebook. But just as dramatic.  Check it out. TIMELESS When I first started doing research for the book nearly four years ago, my dream was to REALLY see the area I'd chosen to set my story. Traveling to Scotland had been a dream for me for a long time. I suppose being a Marine Corps brat and transferring every two and a half years had bitten me with the travel bug.  I've blogged about the Loch Maree area before. Here's a recap:   Loch Maree is the highlands. It resides in Wester Ross in the Northwestern upper regions of Scotland. It’s known as the Jewel of the Highlands because it’s so untouched. I was unprepared for the raw beauty and power of the place. Scotland was carved out by huge glaciers that covered the entire continent hundre


I got my proof today of the print edition of Timeless, my new release. And it's beautiful as you can see.  It will be available at Amazon and Band N for purchase in a week to ten days.  It's a beautiful book and a big one.  443 pages.  It's like nothing I've ever written before. And probably the best thing I've ever written.  Here's the blurb:  Archaeology student, Regan Stanhope, lands the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to work on a summer dig in Loch Maree, Scotland. The ancient monoliths hidden beneath the loch are the most important discovery since Stonehenge. And for seven hundred years, they have been waiting—for her. Saturation diver Quinn Douglas is contracted to recover some of the megaliths from the loch’s bottom. The job will breathe life into the struggling salvage business he and his brothers are building. But from the moment he arrives, Quinn is plagued by dreams and feelings from a past he did not live.