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Cover Release!!! They are revealed! Timeless and Whisper In My Ear

My covers are revealed and here are some new excerpts for Timeless and Whisper In My Ear to celebrate. I'm sooooo excited!! They are both gorgeous covers and I think both represents what's between the pages within them VERY well. Pop over to my author page on facebook and read more excerpts from both books. A new excerpt for Timeless:  The trail sloped down, the heavy growth of trees shielding the henge from view for a time. The foliage grew sparser and opened into a clearing. Loch Maree provided a purplish-blue backdrop to the circle of twenty stones topped by lintels that stretched nearly the width of the inlet. A knoll of ground provided a natural dam holding back the water. Braden led her beneath the crossbar spanning a narrow path between two of the stones. Atop the limesto ne altar in the center of the site sat her basket, the long stems of several plants sticking over the sides. The edge of her tartan shawl, bunched beside

Breaking Out another excerpt, Release Date October 10th!!

The edits for Breaking Out are done!!! The manuscript is in the formatter's hands and I'm in waiting mode for the release October 10th. In celebration I thought I'd post another excerpt from the book. Kathleen and Cal are back in Breaking Out to finish out their story line. I could have separated their story line as a novella, but I find it more interesting to write secondary story lines within the context of the larger picture. HINT Both the stories have something similar and run parallel to one another. So you're getting two love stories in one volume and a whole lot more. Sherry looked up from printing out a receipt for a client. “I have a note for you, Dr. Bertinelli.” She extended the receipt and a bag of medication to the customer and waited for the man to leave. She picked up an envelope from beside her computer and extended it to Piper. Sherry lowered her voice. “It was mixed in with the mail delivered today, but doesn’t have a stamp or return address.”

Cover Reveal Saturday September 24th

I've just had two of my covers updated and I think they're absolutely beautiful. I thought I'd have a cover reveal on Saturday 12:00PM EST (NOON).  All you have to do to participate is like my author page on Facebook and leave a comment about the covers. I'll be choosing winners for ebooks and posting them at 8:00PM EST. The two books I've had covers done for are Timeless and  Whisper In My Ear. Both books are paranormal romances. But neither is just a straight genre. Timeless has some science fiction in it and Whisper In My Ear has some Urban Fantasy.  Here are the blurbs and some excerpts so you can get a taste of what they're like.  I'll put in some memes to wet your appetite too. TIMELESS Blurb:  Archaeology student, Regan Stanhope, lands the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to work on a summer dig in Loch Maree, Scotland. The ancient monoliths hidden beneath the loch

Have Wand, Will Travel An Update, the Blurb, & $.99 Bargains

I've finished HAVE WAND, WILL TRAVEL. It's 34,421 words of fun and laughs.  I loved writing the novella, had the best time with my characters and several laugh out loud moments with them.  The novella will be released October 19th with a group of other authors' novellas. Here's a list of the ladies involved.  Here's a link to an earlier blog with links to free or $.99 books written by all the ladies.  I love my cover. Tracy Stewart my cover artist is fantastic.  My witch Zaira has a unusual familiar. His name is Cerbie and he is a direct descendant of Cerberus the dog that guards the gates of hell. He's a stubby Jack Russell terrier with an attitude. Just like my daughter's dog Colby. Here's the blurb:  A soul-sucking wand, a witch, a vampire and a hellhound.  ‘Nuff said.    Private detective and gifted witch Zaira O’Shea has built

A New Excerpt From Breaking Out! Available October 10th

BREAKING OUT  Book 6 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers is available for preorder. Release date is October 10th. An Excerpt: She pushed the conversation away from her work. “I’ve been reading a little about what you do. Do you really deploy for six months at a time?” “Yeah, sometimes longer, rarely less. And sometimes we spend weeks training out in the desert, or days training out there somewhere.” He nodded toward the water. “Or twenty-five thousand feet above, like on Monday. But then we’ll have spells where we’re working nine to five just like anyone else.” “And you can’t talk about what you do.” “Not where we’ve been, or what we do while we’re deployed, or even some of the training we do.” Piper wiggled around to look up at him. She couldn’t imagine how anyone lived under such restrictions. “Doesn’t it get lonely?” “Yeah, it does.” His green gaze shot past her out to the water. “You may want to try to keep your emotional distance and keep things light between us. Six m