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I don't think about the afterlife very often.
I keep busy so unless I'm writing about it, or something happens to someone I know, I keep it an abstract thought pushed far back into the recesses of my brain.
If something does happen to me, I have had discussions about what I'd like done with my physical remains with my family members.(Got to get that will written.)
I'm hoping that by the time I croak and wave good-bye to this plane of existence, they'll be shooting peoples remains to the moon or just out into the cosmos.  Perfect last trip for a die hard Trekie. I'll be able to go where no woman has gone before, mixed up with several other people. 

But in the meantime two friends discovered the first two interesting things you can do with your CARBON BASED LIFE FORM remains. I just had to share them and others I've discovered since.

A BOX OF PENCILS  Perfect last gift to your loved ones to remember you by, a pencil made from your ashes. With your name on it.  I hope they have colored ones by the time I go.

LIFE GEM MEMORIAL DIAMONDS  A diamond made from a lock of your hair.

Now, I'd really rather be a diamond instead of a pencil, but with the cost of funerals I probably won't have anything left after paying for my Star Trek adventure. So, I think it would still be pretty cool to be written with. Since I've done so much writing in this life, kind of sounds fitting to me.

Holy Smoke ! Did you know that if you're a hunter, or just love to shoot, you can have a pound of your ashes loaded into shot gun shells so they can shoot them off at your funeral?  It's $850.00. My daughter told me about this one.

Vinyly   a British company has created vinyl records mixed with your ashes.  You can have different songs created Knocking on Heavens Door, Stairway to Heaven and others . I love Led Zeppelin so I'd have to have that one.

 Cremation jewelry  You can also by jewelry to put your loved ones ashes in and wear them.

Decisions, Decisions.


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Love is Timeless

Love is Timeless is the theme for my book TIMELESS. 

Though it's a romance, it's also a paranormal mystery suspense book and has elements of science fiction as well. Because of all that it was difficult to categorize.

Archaeology student, Regan Stanhope, lands the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to work on a summer dig in Loch Maree, Scotland. The ancient monoliths hidden beneath the loch are the most important discovery since Stonehenge. And for seven hundred years, they have been waiting—for her.

Saturation diver Quinn Douglas is contracted to recover some of the megaliths from the loch’s bottom. The job will breathe life into the struggling salvage business he and his brothers are building. But from the moment he arrives, Quinn is plagued by dreams and feelings from a past he did not live. Or did he?

Regan and Quinn are drawn to each other as they research the monoliths and the reason behind their shared visions. But both sense something mystical at work, delving into their minds, manipulating their emotions. And when they finally discover the monoliths’ extraordinary secret, they know they must seal them away from those who are desperate to unlock their power. Even if it means remaining caught in a timeless struggle between the past and present forever.

After being out almost a year and a half Timeless has finally reached the Paranormal list in ebooks on Amazon. I always hoped it would hit a list. And it's been a struggle because it's a big book 433 pages in print.

It took me two years to write the book. I was working two jobs and writing on the weekends to try and finish it. During that summer I traveled to Scotland to the Loch Maree area, the true highlands of Scotland. Beautiful place, beautiful people, and I gathered brain food for my book from both. 

We (my friend Mitzi and I ) went to Loch Maree because it’s the setting of my current work in progress and I wanted to see the highlands up close and personal. And Loch Maree is the highlands. It resides in Wester Ross in the Northwestern upper regions of Scotland. It’s known as the Jewel of the Highlands because it’s so untouched.

I was unprepared for the raw beauty and power of the place.

Scotland was carved out by huge glaciers that covered the entire continent hundreds of thousands of years ago. That fact never seemed so evident until I saw the Loch Maree area.

This is Mount Slioch. It stands 3219 feet high and dominates its surroundings. It’s very popular with

Loch Maree has a maximum depth of 375 feet and an average depth of 125 and is nearly 13 miles long. It is the 4th largest loch in Scotland.
The area is a favorite camping site. Hiking, climbing, and fishing seems to be the favorite pastime for anyone who visits. The light seemed to change every few minutes as you can tell from my pictures.  And the area is known to have unexpected, sometimes violent storms blow through, a fact that I have used to my advantage in my book.

Here's an excerpt from the book. Warning theirs love making involved.

He followed her inside and shut the door. She dropped her weight belt and other gear on the floor.

Quinn touched her shoulder. “We’ve been over this ground before, Regan. In the past. And now. Is it some mistake we made in the past that’s put us back here once again?”

For a moment, she dwelt on her first experience with Coira and Braden, the desperation of their lovemaking. “Possibly. More than once.”

“I don’t want to see you sacrifice yourself for a ring of rocks.”

“I won’t.” Coira’s promise to Braden came to mind. What if Quinn was right about Coira? A chill raced through her. She shivered.

Quinn reached for her. His fingers cupped the back of her head as he held her close.

The steady beat of his heart beneath her ear soothed her even as the caress of his fingers against the back of her neck did the opposite. She drew back to look at his injured hand. His lips brushed her forehead.

“Are you in pain?” she asked.

“Not with the hand.”

She tilted her head back to look up at him. His expression, so somber, so serious, triggered feelings of both tenderness and sadness. She caressed his cheek. “Why can’t we get this right?”

“I don’t know.” He rested his forehead against hers. “I’m afraid for you. It makes me daft.”

The way his face looked transposed over the skull at the preservation lab tumbled through her thoughts. She shuddered and pressed close. “I am for you, too, Quinn.”

The soft tempting pressure of his mouth upon hers fed the need for more. As their tongues touched and twined she molded herself against him. It came as natural as breathing to share her lips, her tongue, her touch. His breathing was as ragged as hers as he broke the kiss.

“I need to take a shower and warm up,” she said, her voice swamped by so many different emotions it was impossible to sort them.

“I do, too.” His husky tone, sounded somewhere between a growl and a groan. He slid the zipper of her dry suit down. Regan wiggled free of the sleeves. He cupped her breast through her thermal underwear top, and she bit back a sigh as her nipple beaded beneath the pressure.

She ran a hand beneath his t-shirt to follow the contours of his stomach.

Quinn’s stomach muscles rippled and he caught his breath. “Jesus, Regan.”

She chuckled, hooked her fingers over the waistband of his jeans and tugged him toward the hall. “We can share the shower. I’ll wash your back, if you’ll wash mine.”

Quinn raised one thick black brow. “I can do that.”

His tone promised more, and Regan’s cheeks grew hot and her limbs weak. Her heart raced.

His green eyes, intent and dark, focused on her face. “I’ve had a recurring dream about peeling off your dry suit since that first night.”

An airless feeling blossomed beneath her ribs. “Now’s your chance,” she teased as she backed into her bedroom.

She slid back upon the bed and offered one leg.

A grin spread his lips as, one handed, he pulled first one boot free, and then the other. When he tugged on the first suit leg, the thermal underwear pants beneath went with it. Regan wiggled free of the other leg leaving her lower body bare except for a brief pair of bikini panties. He slung the dry suit over her desk chair and turned to run his gaze down the length of her legs.

Regan bit back a groan at the almost tactile response she experienced from the look on his face.

He dragged the sling from over his head and tossed it aside. He braced a hand on the bed to lean over her and rested his injured hand just above the briefs. His touch trailed downward over her mound to the inside of her thigh. Her fingers gripped the bedspread as titillating arousal nestled between her legs and settled like a feverish ache inside her. His name came out a choked whisper.

“How bad do you want that shower?” he asked as he shucked his t-shirt.

As her gaze swept the width of his chest and shoulders, the hair on his chest and the narrow line that disappeared beneath his jeans. Her mouth grew dry at the dark masculine beauty of him, and she swallowed. “Not at all compared to how bad I want you inside me.” She dragged the thermal shirt over her head baring her breasts.

Quinn’s eyes focused on them, and she ached to have his hands on her again, there—all over.

He popped the button on his jeans and peeled down the zipper. “Protection?”

Regan scrambled to reach the nightstand drawer and grabbed an unopened box of condoms. Her fingers were clumsy as she ripped the flap off and tore loose the first packet. Her breath left her on a sigh as he lowered his mouth to the sensitive spot just below her navel, then lower. He twisted his fingers in the ribbon thin elastic of her underwear and drew it down. His mouth found the inside of her thigh. An electric frisson of sensation arrowed deep, and she gasped, her hips undulating in response.

He murmured her name. “I’m not going to last long, lass.”

“Neither am I.” She tore open the condom wrapper.

He plucked the condom free and sheathed himself. He leaned over her, and she drew him down. His body molded to hers. Every brush of his bare skin against hers acted as a caress. The touch and taste of his lips, a deeper kiss than any she’d ever shared. He thrust into her and her body rose to embrace him.

She followed the hollow of his spine, the rounded, muscular curve of his buttocks with her fingers and captured his rhythm as though she’d done so a thousand times before.

The intent expression on his face, the aching tenderness of his touch, seemed familiar, yet new. The act of making love with him was like reliving a memory and experiencing something fresh, sweet and so profound she wanted to weep at the rightness of it.

The slow thrust and drag of his movements triggered a permeating pleasure that built and built. She nipped his shoulder, then ran her tongue over the spot, tasting the salty texture of his skin. Quinn shuddered and murmured her name, his movements growing harder more intense. She climaxed, the sensation sweeping up and over her with such strength she cried out.

She opened her eyes to look into Quinn’s face above her. A mixture of tenderness and satisfaction laced the smile that played about his lips. With the echo of his release nestled deep inside her, nothing had ever seemed more right.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Timeless and reading the excerpt.

If you know of other books similar to Timeless or ones that follow that same theme, I'd love to hear about them.

Read on,
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To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Courtship

I recently finished the second half of my trilogy of short stories for To Capture A Highlander's Heart. THE COURTSHIP ended up being a novella just a few words shy of 20,000 words. It will be out in a few weeks. But I wanted to share the cover for the story, and the blurb, and give you a small excerpt to wet your appetite.


When lady’s maid Grace MacNab captures the eye of fierce warrior, Gabriel Campbell, the man she has loved for more than a year, she hopes she may one day wed the man of her dreams. But Grace holds a secret about her past that may stand in the way of their happiness.

Gabriel Campbell desires Grace with a passion just as fierce as his loyalty to the Campbell Clan, but she wants marriage and he’s not ready to lay down his sword to raise babies. Gabriel can’t reject Grace’s love and hurt the woman who’s penetrated his defenses, but neither can he dishonor her with less than a commitment.
Can trust end their doubts and seal their love?


His features relaxed. He sat on the stone hearth and rubbed a hand over his beard-covered jaw. His knuckles were red and swollen from the fight earlier. His hair, still wet, hung against his cheeks. Mud splattered his boots and the knees of his trews. Yet, he made no move to see to his own needs.

A wave of tenderness drove Grace to retrieve the washbowl from the small table, and returning to the fireplace, she poured some of the hot water from the pot on the hearth into it. “Come sit at the table and put your hands into the water, Gabriel. ‘Twill ease the soreness and the swelling.”

His gaze wove its way from her bare feet, over her calves then upward. With every inch, her breath caught and her mouth grew dry. A sweet ache blossomed in the secret parts of her body. He rose to his feet and the feeling increased. By the time he reached the table, her body clamored for his touch.

His fingers brushed the hem of the shirt she wore. Her knee tingled at the closeness of his fingers though he never made contact. It took all her control to remain motionless though the desire to be closer threatened to overwhelm her.

“You are a sweet sight, Grace. A temptation t’ me.” Gabriel’s voice was soft and husky. “‘Twould be best for us both should you dress while I am thus distracted.”

Warmth surged into her face and she nodded. She limped to the bed and found her shift. What would it be like to have a man, with so kind a nature, share her body? She saw the glow on Lady Mary’s face when Lord Alexander was near. Their public expressions of affection were few, but she had observed the way his hand lingered at her waist when they walked together. How he cupped her shoulder when he rested his arm on the back of her chair. In his conduct, his love for her was there for all to see.

Tis that and more I want. But how can I get it? And what is it they share that brings such a light to their eyes?

Grace drew the shirt up over her head and dropped it upon the bed. She glanced over her shoulder. Gabriel would not dishonor her by looking, but the tense set of his shoulders told her he wanted to.
She smiled. How would she feel if he saw her like this?

Warmth flooded her body and the intimate taunting need he inspired intensified. Such new and wondrous feelings set her hands to shaking and made them clumsy as she slipped her shift on over her head, then her kirtle. Her skin felt tight, the fabric rough against it. When she tugged her surcoat into place she, for the first time, realized how restricting clothing could be.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt!! I'll keep you posted on the release of TO CAPTURE THE HIGHLANDER'S HEART: THE COURTSHIP. Coming in the next few weeks.