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Live Chat at Bitch Can Write A Book

Well, I'm taking the plunge tomorrow night (April 24, 2012)  and will be doing a live chat about Breaking Free with the girls on  Bitch Can Write A Book . One of their members Cindy Overton will be posting a review of the book.                                                                     Breaking Free Reading reviews is one of the most terrifying experiences of being a published author. You want so badly for readers to love your characters, love your story,  and love your voice. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You can't please every reader all the time. But as writers we really-really want to.... Live chats are both terrifying and fun. Sort of like roller-coasters. You really want to get on the ride but you're a little anxious so your palms are sweaty and your heart speeds like a runaway metronome. Then once the roller-coaster gets started and you become one of the group pulling out of the station you start to have fun.  I'm hoping