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Abigail Keam's Death By a Honey Bee is Free

Death By a Honey Bee Abigail Keam’s award-winning mystery novel, “Death By A HoneyBee” will be free on Kindle from Tuesday, November 13 to November 15th. Maybe you will like it so well, you’ll check out her other three novels – “Death By Drowning”, “Death By Bridle” and “Death By Bourbon”. “Death By A HoneyBee” was on USA BOOK NEWS – Best Book List of 2011. See what all the buzz is about! I love Abigail's series. It's like Mu rder She Wrote with an edge.    Death By A Honey Bee Check it out!! Teresa J. R easor 

Fight For Me by Hayden Braeburn

Hayden Braeburns second book of her series Fight For Me will be out November 6th !!!  Come join me in congratulating her.  I've already started reading the book. I got an arch of it a couple of days ago. NA-NA-NANA-NA!!  And I can tell you Cassidy and Dylan put off more heat than the sun.   FIGHT FOR ME FIGHT FOR ME, The Everetts of Tyler, Book 2 Cassidy Everett planned on nursing her brother’s protector back to health and moving on, but when an old foe resurfaces, her plans change. Quickly. Dylan Black may have been shot saving Mason Everett’s life, but that doesn’t mean he can’t protect his own–and Cassidy is his whether or not she wants to admit it. His injuries don’t matter; all that matters is keeping his Cassie safe. When the threats towards Cassidy turn lethal, will the fight to survive bring Cassidy and Dylan together or tear them apart? FIGHT FOR ME  Fight For me is a continuation of a situation that was resolved in Hayden's f