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Hot SEAL, Roman Nights is Coming July 2, 2019 (Read and excerpt)

I'm so excited!! Hot SEAL, Roman Nights (A SEALS in Paradise Novel) will be out July 2nd. Below is the blurb and a short excerpt. I hope you enjoy it.

On leave after a difficult mission, Navy SEAL Tony Gallo steps off the plane in Rome and tumbles right into the arms of the woman who dumped him nine years ago, and they're both there for family events. He discovers Darcy's attending the wedding they planned but never had, but now it's someone else's.

Darcy Moreau is traveling for the first time and fulfilling a dream. She's in Rome to be her best friend's Maid of Honor. But she's also there to bury the past and start a new life.

When she and Tony meet again, she wonders if the past might not be such a bad thing if her future can include the man she left behind. But can she make amends and convince him to give her another chance?

An Excerpt: 
The desk attendant approached Darcy. “Scusami, Signorina. You are wanted on the phone.”

Darcy stepped away from Tony and his family to answer the phone he handed her.
“Thank God, you’re there.” Leslie sounded both frantic and relieved. “We somehow missed you. We got stuck waiting for Roberto’s cousin. Her little boy had to be checked out by a medical team. He bumped his head on the flight.”
Darcy stifled a laugh. “His name isn’t Michel, is it?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Tony Gallo was on the flight, and he’s now a medic in the Navy, so he checked to make sure he was okay after he fell.”
“The Tony you were engaged to? That Tony Gallo?” Leslie almost shrieked her surprise.
“Yes. He’s here with his family celebrating his mother and father’s wedding anniversary and visiting his grandmother. He gave me a ride to the hotel.”
“Are you okay?”
Was she? Her stomach was knotted with nerves and her legs still felt a little unsteady. Tony was going to demand answers sooner or later, and she dreaded it. “Yes. I’m okay. I’ve already checked in, so I’ll go to my room and wait for you.”
“I left a prepaid phone for you, so be sure to get it from the desk clerk. I’ve put Roberto’s and my numbers in it, as well as all three of his sisters. They’ve gone shopping, but we’ll be back at the hotel in time to eat a meal with you.”
“I’m fine, Leslie. Take your time.”
“I’m just relieved you’re okay and you’re there. It’s a little scary when you’re in a foreign country and you don’t know the language.”
“Yes, it is. But Tony’s fluent. His whole family is. And his family had sent a car for him, so he offered me a ride. “You’ll learn the language soon enough, Les. You’re already making strides, and you have Roberto to teach you.”
“I should have done it when we first started dating. I’d already be fluent.”
“It’ll come. Don’t worry. You’re going to love it here. I’ll see you in a little while.”
“So glad you’re here, Darcy.”
“Me too. This is my first big adventure.”
“You waited long enough to have one. You deserve it. See you in a little while.”
Darcy returned the phone to the desk attendant and asked about the phone Leslie left for her. “, Signorina. I have it here. Please forgive me for forgetting it.” He handed it across the desk to her.
“No problem.” She tucked it into her purse.
She approached the group again. “Leslie and Roberto are at the airport picking up Roberto’s sister and her children. You’ll never guess who she is.”
“No!” Tony exclaimed. “Michel’s mother.” The whole group laughed. “I may need a protection detail if we meet again.”
Darcy chuckled.
“Come have a meal with us,” Tony’s father, Enzo, said.
“I’d love to, Mr. Gallo, but Leslie and her fiancé, Roberto, will be here in a little while, and they’re planning for us to have a meal with his sisters since the three of them are the bridesmaids. I suppose I’ll take my suitcase up to unpack and wait for Leslie, Roberto, and the girls.”
“Maybe breakfast tomorrow, then.”
“Sure, I’d love to.”
“I’ll go up with you, Darcy, and stow my gear,” Tony said. “We’re on the same floor. I’ll be down in a minute, Pop.”
His dad nodded.
They got on the elevator together. “What’s your room number?” Tony asked.
“I noticed the desk clerk gave you a cell phone.”
“Yes. Roberto arranged for me have one in case I needed to contact him or Leslie.”
“Can I see it?”
She pulled it out of her purse and gave it to him. He keyed in a number and saved it, then dialed it. His phone rang and he answered the call, then closed it and handed her phone back to her. “It doesn’t hurt to have emergency contact numbers from everyone. If you need me, you have my number now.”
She raised a brow. “Thanks.” And he had hers. He was a smoother operator than he used to be. Only one of the changes. But seeing him with his family brought back memories of how close they all were, how they made her one of them the summer before Tony left for basic training. She’d lost all of them when she broke things off.
They got off the elevator on the second floor and walked down the hall. Tony paused outside her room and waited for her to open her door, then held it for her so she could roll her suitcase in. He left his suitcase in the doorway and moved to lift her bag onto the luggage rack.
“It’s a beautiful room. That mural of the oculus at the Pantheon behind the headboard is spectacular.”
“All the rooms here are top-notch. I’m right next door if you need anything, Darcy.”
She needed him nine years ago, but he’d been pursuing his dream while she was trapped by circumstances beyond her control. Several of them at once. She’d loved him enough to let him go. And had regretted it every day since.
“Thank you for everything you did today.” She dragged the strap of her purse off her shoulder and over her head and dropped it on the bed.
“It was nothing.”
The look he directed at her sent a swift response to her breasts, making them peak while an ache of need heated intimate places she tried to ignore. “I promised your dad I’d have breakfast with your family in the morning.”
“I’d like us to have some time to catch up. I have questions, Darcy. Questions I don’t have time to ask right now, and you don’t have time to answer. I’d like to make time.”
She swallowed to moisten a throat gone dry. Would it make any difference?
“You owe me at least that, Darcy.”
“Okay.” She struggled to retain her composure. She had a wedding to participate in, and another small service to perform during the seven days she was here. Plus the tons of other things she needed to do for Leslie before and during the wedding loomed.
When his arms went around her and folded her in against him, she stiffened in surprise. His shoulders and chest were wider, his arms stronger. Her heart seemed to recognize him all the same, and she relaxed into him, and forced herself to embrace him with moderation when she really wanted to cling. She satisfied the need by running a palm along the sturdy shape of his skull to the back of his neck. His arms tightened, and the edgy heat of awareness streaked through her like a comet. He brushed his lips against her cheek as he pulled back.
His eyes, so pale, with the darker ring around them, focused on her, his pupils large. His throat moved as he swallowed. “See you in the morning.”
He closed the door behind him, and silence embraced her like a blanket. She released the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Why couldn’t they have found each other on the plane and spent those eight hours together? Would it have made things any easier?
She cut things off nine years ago. Made the choices she had to make. And she’d been in a holding pattern emotionally ever since.
But not anymore.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! The book will be released on July 2nd.



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Karma isn’t always a bitch. Navy SEAL Connor ‘Hammer’ Evans decides a fender bender is a small price to pay for finally meeting the woman who got away. Even though he’ll only be on the East Coast a short time, he’s convinced he and Sloan can enjoy a sexy, no-strings adventure together while he’s here.

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