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New Release in the Mona Moon Series by Abigail Keam

Hello Dear Readers: I thought I'd give you a heads up. Abigail Keam has a new release coming out!! It's Book 8 in the Mona Moon Mystery Series.   I've read all the books so far and I'll be getting this one too.  If you like cozy mysteries and this one's set in historic times, snap this one up because you'll find it very entertaining.  Murder Under a New Moon will release on Christmas Day!  Amazon / B & N / Apple / Kobo / Google Play  Here's the Blurb:   Robert Farley is now a bonafide duke, and solicitors from the Duchy of Brynelleth have come to negotiate his marriage contract to Mona Moon.  When the three solicitors demand that Mona relinquish Moon Enterprises and live in England full time, she threatens to give Robert back his engagement ring and call off the wedding.   She says quite frankly, “I’m not going to give up one of the largest mining conglomerates in the world just so I can host dinner parties at Brynelleth for your snotty friends.” Rob

Two new Releases in the SEALS in Paradise Series and some BIG NEWS about the series

 Hello dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving! And I’m wishing you a fantastic Christmas! I’m working on a new paranormal in the Superstition Series right now.  Deep Within the Mind will be out probably in February.  I’ll send out a newsletter when it’s available for preorder, but I thought I’d share the cover and the blurb with you now.  Blurb for Deep Within the Mind  Superstition Kentucky harbors the largest preternatural population in the state. Creatures of myth and people of unusual abilities rub shoulders with average men and women in the small mountain town.  Vet Harper Montgomery has a secret. She’s a powerful psychic who hides behind her professional persona until she receives a vision of a child being abducted. When she starts experiencing a series of unusual visions and reports them, she captures the Superstition police department’s interest. Detective Miles Barrett is new to Superstition and unaware of the hidden part of the population he serves, until