Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A very good friend and former student of mine has just released his first novel. It is hands down the most creative take on the vampire myth I've ever read. So, I wanted to help him spread the word.
I've read the book and it's fantastic.
Congratulations Josh Chaudry on a book well written!!!

Elijah’s family is savagely butchered while he lies helpless, forced to witness the carnage until a vicious blow to the head mercifully ends his agony. 

But at some point during that terrible night he is baptized in blood and birthed into immortality. As his body rises once more, his mind and heart solidify with a clear and immutable purpose: to hunt down the beings responsible for his loved ones’ deaths and destroy them, whatever the cost. Since everything pure and sacred has been ripped from his soul, a great abyss now separates Elijah from his humanity. He is driven by blood lust, the ever-present mountain of rage that provokes him to kill any and all who get in his way. 

Unable to understand why he alone was spared, for nearly a millennium he journeys to the far corners of the earth in search of answers, and the revenge he so desperately needs. As his quest nears its end, he meets a young woman who cleaves through his hate and touches the man deeply buried beneath it, tempting him to reopen the doors to his heart. 

When she is abducted by the same beings who killed his family, Elijah realizes to stand alone may cost more than he is willing to sacrifice—her life. He faces the battle he has spent lifetimes preparing for…knowing that, in order to save her, he will have to surrender not only his revenge, but the very force that keeps him alive.

Check it out and leave a review. 

Teresa Reasor 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Giving your books a facelift. (Tweeking COVERS)

Recently my cover artist Tracy Stewart from Simply Bookish created a couple of new covers for my next two SEAL TEAM Heartbreaker books and they were unbelievably gorgeous. But when she looked at the first two books in the series, she decided that they needed a face lift so they'd be more aligned with the style of the new ones coming out. So she tweaked the covers just a little  and I just had to brag about how wonderful they look.  Here they are.

Tracy is a gifted Graphic designer and can do anything. She's created magnets, bookmarks, postcards, and all my covers for me. She's also done a book trailer for my Romantic Suspense set in Scotland titled Timeless. It was so good USA Today featured it in a Happy Ever After Article. In case you'd like to check it out here's the link :  Timeless Trailer 
Tracy is the Bomb!

                                                  BREAKING THROUGH

All the fonts are the same, my name is the same in each one, and the caption beneath my name is the same. I think they look gorgeous. And I'm very pleased with them. And as a treat I'm going to give you a sneak peak at the next book in the series. Haven't gotten the blurb written but it's about Tess and Brett and their wedding. The tag line is Will temptation sever the ties they've built?

Just wanted to share!!!
I'd love to hear from readers if they like the look of the covers better now than before. 
Sing out if you have an opinion. 

Teresa Reasor 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm blogging about writing Military Romance on Michele Stegman's blog. I'd love to have some 


Teresa Reasor