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Two New Releases, One Navy SEAL Romance, One Paranormal Romance, & a Rerelease

October is proving to be a really big month for me this year.  I have 2  new books out this month!! One is a Navy SEAL Romantic Suspense in the new SEALS In Paradise Series. My book Hot SEAL, RUSTY NAIL is released.  I'm really proud of the book. I loved writing these characters. Sloane is very witty and talented. And Connor is a complete Alpha male, very protective, very sensual.  It was hard for me to end the book because I didn't want to end it. I wanted it to go on. But I had to move on to my next SEAL Team Heartbreaker Book, Breaking Chains , so I ended it with as big a bang as I could. I think you'll love the book. A broken engagement followed by six months of grueling work has Sloane Bianchi ready to hit the beaches of Hilton Head, South Carolina for some R and R. She isn’t looking for romance, but when she catches the gaze of a stranger at a local restaurant, her attraction is immediate. But he turns out to be just another guy who can’t follow through.

Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail coming OCT. 16th. A new excerpt

COMING NEXT TUESDAY. Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail. Part of the SEALs In Paradise series.  I'm getting so excited!! I thought I'd share another excerpt. EXCERPT: The hostess seated Sloane while Connor stood at the highly polished bar and ordered drinks. The same bartender, goatee and earring still in place, moved with quick assurance, setting up a tray of drinks for one of the waitresses. He approached Connor with a smile. “Hey. Rusty nail, right?” “Yeah. And the lady will have a California white.” While the mixologist worked his magic, Connor turned to study Sloane as the soft light played over her golden skin and dark hair. The sweep of her lashes, the slant of her brows, gave her face an exotic touch, as did the tawny tone of her eyes. And that lush mouth drove him crazy. He experienced the same powerful punch of physical need he had the first time he saw her. In fact, it had never stopped. Just thinking of her made him hard. How the hell were they supposed to scr


On October 3rd ADVENTURES OF A WITCHY WALLFLOWER  will be available at Amazon in both ebook and print.  Witchy is the third book in the HAVE WAND, WILL TRAVEL series.  The first two books, HAVE WAND, WILL TRAVEL and  ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY  were originally written for  Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle World.  Since Amazon discontinued Kindle Worlds,  I've edited the first 2 books to take out any reference to Robyn's characters. And I've added to the first book to round out my story a little more with some delightful dragons. All three will be released October 3rd in ebook and print. The series is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.  I've loved writing this series. I hope you'll give them a read. ADVENTURES OF A WITCHY WALLFLOWER is a paranormal romance with lots of comedy. I'm posting an except here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. He focused in on her in a way that made her wary. “You really don’t dance?” “No.

Hot SEAL: Rusty Nail excerpt

I'm getting excited. The book is finished and it will be out October 16th.  I'm so pleased with the story and the characters. My editor tells me she starts thinking about them when she's not working and wondering what will happen to them next. WOW! What a compliment. I thought I'd post an excerpt to whet your appetite. She hadn’t felt nervous about a good night kiss since high school, but her breathing stuttered into choppy as they reached the steps. “You can come in for a drink or coffee.” They paused outside the door. He shook his head. “Bernie and her sister will be eager to pump you about how our date went.” “Yeah, they will. It’s been awhile.” A year. “It has been for me, too. Deployments and trainings don’t leave much time.” He eased in close, slipped an arm around her and drew her lightly against him. “Since the first time I saw you, I’ve wanted this, Sloane.” His lips hovered over hers brushing, tempting, tasting until need tumbled through her.