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Taryn Raye~ Romance Writer: #TuesdayswithTaryn Q&A with Teresa Reasor aka @ter...

Taryn Raye~ Romance Writer: #TuesdayswithTaryn Q&A with Teresa Reasor aka @ter... : Tuesdays with Taryn Please welcome with me- Teresa Reasor, fellow Kentucky writer, artist and teacher. What book(s) most infl...

The Ruby Brooch and Kathrine Lowry Logan

 KATHERINE LOWRY LOGAN just released her first book a couple of months ago. And I've wanted to have her visit my blog ever since. I love time travels. I love anything Celtic, too.  And the RUBY BROOCH has the special magic of a Celtic Brooch and it drew me right in. I'd love to have one just like it. Question : Describe your hero and tell us a little about him. Answer : Cullen Montgomery is more of a Renaissance Man than a typical alpha male. He’s a lawyer, quotes Shakespeare and hums Bach. He is caring, loving, and worries about others. He is intolerant of liars, and unfortunately the heroine is tied up in a bundle of them. This causes a great deal of conflict for him because he wants to take care of her but knows she is lying to him.    Here’s a physical description as seen from the heroine’s POV: The chair dropped to the heart-of-pine floor with a heavy thud. The man unfolded his long, lean body and stood. She guessed

On The Wild Side by Gerri Bowen

Gerri Bowen is a master at writing Regency romances that really entertain. No boring drawing room drama here. On The Wild Side is a series of six short stories telling of the romantic struggles of men and women who have something special in their blood. Each one has a special gift. And sometimes those gifts get in the way of their finding true love. I found the premise fresh and the paranormal elements (wood nymphs and such) different in this book than any other I’ve read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like Regency Romance I think you'll like this too. Read on, Teresa J. Reasor