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Promotional Materials

Lately I've been fixated on promotional materials for my two latest releases and luckily I have a wonderful friend who creates book covers and other author friendly items. Her name is Tracy Stewart and she does a wonderful job.  She's very OCD about the quality of her work. So, I thought I'd show off the work she's done for me by posting the promotional materials she's created for me lately. Here are my new postcards and bookmarks. I think they're great and will be wonderful freebies to hand out at book signings and to mail out to readers. And in case you need any of these items yourself, here's her website address: And by the way she created the book covers for both my latest releases  Timeless and  Breaking Free . Be sure to check them out. I'd love to hear what other kinds of promotional materials you've used to give your book sells a boost. Please comment so we can share ideas about it. I'd l

Exercises from the Leigh Michael's Workshop

I just got back from a wonderful KYRW workshop and thought I'd post one of the exercises we did there. We talked about writing in male and female POV and how writing in those POVs changes your  word choices. The assignment was to write a scene about a woman going to a store to pick something up. Then write one from the male POV. We all had a blast doing this and some of the scenes written were truly publishing worthy. Below were mine. I had a blast doing them. Teresa R. Female POV I wheeled into the parking lot of the hardware store and looked down at the list my husband had handed me. The row of items read like a foreign language. What the heck was gorilla glue? If it was glue made from gorilla’s I was going to raise hell. Poor things. At a deep rumble, I glance up as a flat bed truck labored by loaded with wood and sheetrock. I at least knew what those were, But not so much some of the things on my list.  Surely, there would be employees inside to help me

Meeting on the Turret Stairs an exercise

This painting is called Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Sir Fredrick Burton. Not too long ago, I took a workshop taught by Vonda Sinclair . You can check out her books on Amazon from this link. She's an excellent teacher and writer. As one of the exercises in sensuality, she had us write a story about this painting. Below is what I wrote.   Meeting on the Turret Stairs The scent of burning wood blew across the battlements from the East. Sir Simon de Gray turned to gaze in that direction. Like a gray mist smoke slithered along the ground around the sparse brush outside the castle walls. The discordant notes of metal meeting metal carried on the wind, disturbing and seductive. The possibility of their joining the battle had whipped the younger soldiers into an anticipatory fray. Their restless pacing along the wooden walkway added an uneven beat to the distant battle. Had he ever been so young and blood thirsty? His finger found the scar that cut a

Breaking Free and Timeless Postcard

      Here's my new postcard to help promote Breaking Free and Timeless. What readers don't know about is the many hours we spend trying to get the word out there about our books.  So, I'm doing a postcard campaign both physically and digitally.       I've done post card campaigns before. I'm not certain about how effective they are, but if my campaign reaches ten people out of a hundred, maybe they'll tell their friends what a wonderful book I've written.  I'm convinced what really sells books is writing a good book. And Word of Mouth.  But you have to get people's notice before they'll read the book. And you have to spread the word before they'll know it's out there. So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love it if you'd help me spread the word.   Timeless and Breaking Free   Thanks,  Teresa J. Reasor