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15 Authors &19 Freaking Funny Sneak Peeks from the Magic And Mayhem Kindle World

--> Wanna laugh till you SQUEEEEEE?? Check out these19 HILARIOUS Sneak Peeks!! at instafreebie This includes Robyn Peterman's 5 books in the Magic and Mayhem series.  Or if you decide to take a chance and buy the books outright here are the links to all of the books. Amazing Magic & Mayhem Authors Just click this link and      CHECK OUT ALL THE BOOKS IN THE MAGIC AND MAYHEM WORLD!! Robyn Peterman Barbara Annino Michele Bardsley Deanna Chase Saranna DeWylde Renee George Heather Long Cherie Marks Isabel Micheals Monette Michaels Julia Mills   Virginia Nelson Teresa Reasor Jordan K. Rose DC Thome And of course I have to give my own books a small plug.  Robyn allows us to have a series within her series. (Thank you, Robyn!!) So Book 2    Have Wand, Will Travel: Once Bitten, Twice Shy is my new release:   

New Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Releases! (14 authors 14 new stories)

First of all, our fearless leader Robyn Peterman, the mastermind behind the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World has a new release.   A Tale of Two Witches was available June 19th.   Three waxed cats, one Cookie Witch, a brazilian gone bad and the last name, Bermangoggleshitz... not the best ingredients for a successful spell. Or is it? This is the Fifth book in the Magic and Mayhem Series and it promises to be just as wildly hilarious as the others...if not more. Go to Robyn's website and read an excerpt and buy the book. Fourteen  of my writer pals and I have new releases coming out June 21st !! (See the list of authors below) Once Bitten, Twice Shy is part of my Have Wand, Will Travel Series , inside of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle World.  I'm very excited about the release. This is the second book in this series. It's a 42,000 word novel. The Blurb:  Somewhere off the beaten path in the