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I’ve always wanted to emulate two romance writers who are my favorites, Sandra Brown and Kathleen Woodiwiss. Woodiwiss died this past Sunday. She was a Romance Icon. In 1972, I was in high school when Kathleen Woodiwiss’s book, The Flame and The Flower, was released. Having started it at home, I hid the book behind a binder in speech class and read the entire period. I couldn’t wait to get home to finish it. I continued to read her books throughout the thirty-five year span of her writing career. As sad as her passing makes me all I can think is what a legacy she has left behind. There have been several generations of writers, and readers inspired, challenged, and enthralled by her writing acumen. And I’m sure that will continue. Kathleen Woodwiss’s influence on my writing can be seen in my love of the Historical Romance Genre and its language. There is a different language used when writing historicals than in contemporaries. I’m not just talking about the dialogue your characters