Friday, November 22, 2019

Black Friday through Cyber Monday through December 3rd. Military Romance Sale

I'm announcing a Military Romance Sale that will run from Black Friday November 29 through Cyber Monday through December 3.   Over 30 titles either FREE or at least 50% discounted. 
You'll have 5 whole days to decide which ones you want to take advantage of!!! Hopefully all of them.

Here's the list of authors participating.

Abbie Zanders
        Dangerous Secrets REG: 99c, SALE: free
        Letting Go REG: 2.99, SALE: free
        Seizing Mack REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

P.J. Fiala
        Ford REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Cat Johnson
        Saved by a SEAL REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c
        SEALed at Midnight REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

Donna Michaels
        Mac REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c
        Wyne and Dine REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c
        Knights SEAL REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c

Lynne St. James
        A Solider’s Gift (Beyond Valor Series, Book 1) REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Lindsay Cross
        Wild Fury REG: 5.99, SALE: free
        Resurrection River REG: 4.99, SALE: free
        Reckless River REG: 4.99, SALE: free

Desiree Holt
        Raw Edge of Danger REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
        Lethal Design REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
        Mission Control REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c

Cristin Harber
        Delta: Retribution REG: 2.99, SALE: free
        Hart Attack REG: 3.99, SALE: free
        Locke and Key REG: 3.99, SALE: free

Teresa Reasor
        Breaking Point REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
        Breaking Out REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

JM Madden
        Genesis REG: 99c, SALE: free
        Chaos REG: 2.99, SALE: 99c
        Destruction REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
        Retribution REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c

KaLyn Cooper
        A Love Never Forgotten REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
        Unrelenting Love: Lady Hawk & Alex REG: 4.99, SALE: 99c
        SEAL in a Storm REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

Becca Jameson
        Hot SEAL, Australian Nights REG: 3.99, SALE: TBD

Trish Loye
        Edge of the Season REG: 1.99, SALE: 99c
        Edge of Fury REG: 3.99, SALE: 99c

To go to a link that will take you to them all when the sale goes live.

I hope you'll all take advantage of this sale!!!

And to those of you who are new to my books. Breaking Free (Book 1 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers) is always free.

Read On,
Teresa Reasor