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Breaking Out is available for Preorder and Other Important News

I'm thrilled to announce Breaking Out (Book 6 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers) is available for preorder. The release date will be October 10, 2016.  It is a big book. 135,426 words with two romances and two feuding families, as well as a suspense plot line to liven everything up, and a mystery to solve. In other words, my usual everything but the kitchen sink plot line. Cal and Kathleen from Breaking Boundaries are back in this one. And their love story continues with a little family drama directed by Cal's family. SEAL Zach O'Connor, aka. Doc, has finally found a woman who may be his match, Piper Bertinelli. But she has some serious trouble with which  he'll have to help her deal. You'll find him as Alpha male and masculine as the other guys in my series. To give you a hint as to his character... In his words, "I'm used to running toward trouble instead of away from it." That pretty much says it all. BREAKING OUT Here's the final blu