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NEW RELEASE! Parker Kincade's BEST MAN!

NEW RELEASE!!!!  Parker Kincade's book Hot SEAL, Best Man is out as of July 21st! Parker's book is the fifth book of the SEALS IN PARADISE, WEDDING EDITION. THERE ARE THREE MORE COMING SOON! AMAZON  /  NOOK  /  KOBO  /  APPLE What does a Navy SEAL do in his downtime? Plan a wedding with his ex-girlfriend. As a Navy SEAL, Evan “Cowboy” Lancaster can handle any task, any disaster. Until he gets roped into planning his best friend’s wedding and discovers just who will be helping him. But the high school sweetheart who stole and broke his heart isn’t a young girl anymore. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman, and it’s all Evan can do to keep his hands off her delicious curves. Presley’s high school boyfriend reappears the same way he’d left—without warning. Now, all she wants is to plan her friend’s wedding and get back to her life without Evan. The last thing she needs to do is fall for a sexy, larger-than-life, blast from the past who has a histo

NEW RELEASE!!! Becca Jameson's Hot SEAL, Cold Feet is OUT!!!

The next installment of the SEALS IN PARADISE series is out as of June 30th!!!  Becca Jameson's Book is the 4th book of the series. Check it out!!! AMAZON  /  NOOK  /  KOBO  /  APPLE He’s a former Navy SEAL in financial straits. She’s a bar owner in need of a bouncer. Perfect, right? Hardly. When Jodi finds out her new bouncer is none other than Tucker, the man currently starring on a reality television show, she isn’t happy. She doesn’t want the publicity. Plus, she thinks he’s a fool. Who marries a stranger on television for money? Tucker isn’t happy either. He’s in over his head in a farce of a marriage, but he needs the money the network is paying him. It’s nobody’s business why he’s working a night job in a bar at the same time. Too bad the heat between them is incendiary. Hooking up is a huge mistake for them both, but some risks are worth it... Other books already released and available are... AMAZON  /  NOOK  /  KOBO  /  APPLE Friends?