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Releasing Two Books in one Month is Tough

I love writing. It's been my life-long dream to be able to write for a living since middle school. And I love to write different genres. So far this year I've released a historical romance, T o Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Wedding Night , a military romantic suspense, Breaking Out   (Book 6 of my SEAL Team Heartbreaker Series)   and now a paranormal romantic comedy Kindle World novella, Magic and Mayhem:   Have Wand, Will Travel .  I've written 235,627 printed words this year and am working on two more books. I'm about 8,000 words into Breaking Point , the eighth installment for my SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series. I don't know if the book will be a novella or a full length novel yet. Probably somewhere in between. A short novel of 45,000 words I think. And I've written the opening scene (about 1000 words) of my next paranormal the second installment for my Superstition Series Deep Within The Stone.  My family says that I'm obsessed and I am. I w

Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Release!!!

I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World. It's been wonderful to be a part of this project and to work with all the great writers involved. I know most of them personally and we've all had a wonderful time.  Robyn Peterman is the very best person to work with to do one of these releases. Her world is really fun to write in and she's such a hoot! Always upbeat, always fun. You can find all the books at her website, but I'll be putting the links on my blog as they become live, but just in case: Here's the list of authors and the titles of their books and the links. Magic and Mayhem: Have Wand, Will Travel by Teresa Reasor Link: Magic and Mayhem: Witches Be Crazy (Stacy Justice Magical Mysteries Book 0) by Barbra Annino Link: Magic and Mayhem: Witch, Please (Ida May Chronicles Book 2) by Deanna Chase Link:  https://amz


It is October 10th and it is RELEASE DAY for Breaking Out !! This book has been a journey. I've been working on it for five months and I'm so thrilled it's out and my dear readers can finally read it. An Excerpt:  God, he hated working with explosives . The other guys loved blowing shit up. He couldn’t feel the same way. Being the medic of the team, he’d dealt too many times with the carnage left behind after IEDs ripped guys apart. Seeing the aftermath had made him wary. The C-4 they were using to bring down the building wasn’t what spooked him. The stuff could burn like a log if he set it on fire, but it wouldn’t blow up until he added the blasting caps he was carrying… In fact, just one of those blasting caps could do significant damage and set off the entire cache in his pack. He dragged in deep breaths to stifle the rush of anxiety. Sweat rolled down his sides. As soon as they returned to base, he’d email Patricia and feel better. The thought steadied him, a

SEAL Team Heartbreakers: What Makes a Man a Good Lover

I'm always interested in the male perspective about things. So, I decided to ask the men of my SEAL Team Heartbreaker's Series what makes a man a good lover? Knowing they could be a little salty in their language, which doesn't bother me at all, I was braced for some graphic answers. What I got in answer to my question surprised me in some ways and didn't in others. After all I've known these guys for a while now. We decided to do these interviews on Hawk and Zoe's sun porch. The hot tub is covered, but  just a hint of chlorine lingers. The shades are raised and a breeze wafts through the screens surrounding us, bringing with it the smell of fresh cut grass and the clematis that's blooming on a trellis just outside. I love the old fashioned metal glider I'm sitting on and catch myself setting it in motion even though I'm trying not to. I finally just give into the desire and rock while I'm talking to the guys. Lieutenant Adam Yazzie aka H