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A NEW RELEASE!!! BUILDING STRENGTH (Book 9 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers )

IT'S RELEASE DAY FOR BUILDING STRENGTH (Book 9 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers)!!!!!  I'm so excited. And I can't wait to hear back from my readers!!  In Building  Strength, I'm reintroducing the new SEAL team Brett Weaver was transferred into in Building Ties. And though Brett has moved on to command his own team,  Lt. Commander Adam 'Hawk' Yazzie is the commanding officer for this team's platoon. You'll see him in several scenes in all his "happily married hunkiness" as my editor commented.  The Building part of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers will concentrate on the romances, trials, and challenges of this new team and the covers for each book will have similar elements much like the original SEAL team books were similar.  And just a note for all of you. My cover artist Tracy Stewart has spent a great deal of time revamping the original covers for the original books and giving them all a facelift. I'll be uploading them ASAP.   HERE