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Hot SEAL, Labor Day is Released! Marliss Melton has a new one out too and another excerpt from Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic

Hello Dear Readers: I'm glad to report that we have semi-recovered from the lightning strike.  To keep my mind off of that, I've been working steadily on the next book. Deep Within The Mind, book 3 of the Superstition Series .  It's been a long time coming since I got more involved in my SEAL books (LOVE those SEALS) and put off writing the last book of the trilogy. I expect to finish the book mid-November and it will be out sometime in January.  Here's the cover.  If you like to read paranormals and you're interested in the first two books in the series here are links to  Deep Within the Shadows  and  Deep Within the Stone .  Shadows is only $.99.  On to other news!!  My dear friend, Cynthia D'Alba's  Hot SEAL, Labor Day  will be out August 31st.   She's amazing. She's released two books back to back. Brave lady!   Amazon  /  B & N  /  Apple  /  Kobo  Navy SEAL, Sawyer Beckett, aka Nomad, is a floater, moving from SEAL Team to SEAL Team as need

NEW RELEASE! In the SEALS In Paradise Series Cythia D'Alba's Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy

Hello Friends and Readers!!! A lightning strike fried just about every electronic thing in my house and I'm just now getting everything back up and running. I just finished Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic and it's now in my editors very competent hands. It ended up being a little longer than I expected, 68,000 words. And it's a wild ride. I'm looking forward to its release September 28th. With the lightning strike I'm a little late getting Cynthia's news out, but here it is... Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy the newest release in the SEALS in PARADISE series is OUT!!! It was released July 27th. Awesome cover and blurb. Amazon / B&N / Apple / Kobo She’s hankering for some happiness. He’s facing his fate alone. Together, can they find forever on the menu? Addison Treadway needs time to heal. With her loveless marriage finally demolished by her breast cancer diagnosis, the talk-show host never expected to also lose her job. And since her weekend as a bridesmaid is her l