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New Release!!! Hot SEAL, Undercover Groom and a Cover Reveal!!

Maryann Jordan's book, Hot SEAL, Undercover Groom is out!   Her book is the last of this season's SEALS In Paradise releases.  You'll want to read every last one of them. They're filled with humor, action, hot SEALS, and HOT ROMANCE!!!  I love writing these books. And I love all the wonderful, talented writers I work with on this series. I'm looking forward to next year's releases.  AMAZON  /  NOOK  /  KOBO  /  APPLE Nolan (Ringer) Bell is a SEAL, sidelined for a ruptured appendix and on medical leave. Bored at his mom’s house, he agrees to help his sister, a local PI, specializing in financial fraud. The case…suspected money laundering through a wedding chapel with ties to a casino. His sister has him partnered with Lynn Cox, her best friend, a fraud accountant, and the girl who crushed on him in high school and threw herself at him right before he left for the Navy... and he rebuffed rudely. Their assignment… to have a pretend wedding to get a close up view at

NEW RELEASE!!!! Hot SEAL, Taking The Plunge

Hot SEAL, Taking the Plunge is OUT!!! I'm so thrilled. I have a proofreading team that prereads my books so I can make them as perfect as possible.  And I've been getting some FANTASTIC feedback from them, They love the story.  So, I'm hoping you, dear readers , will feel the same. I'd love to hear back from you if you buy and read the book. Hot SEAL, Taking the Plunge is the third book I've written for the SEALS In Paradise Series. And what makes this one different is it's a wedding edition. My hero is a diving supervisor for the SEALS and by the end of the book, he's debating taking the matrimonial plunge too, thus the title.  I have to admit I fell a little in love with him while writing about him. I hope you will too.  Amazon  /  Apple  /  Nook  /  Kobo  /  Smashwords Rylie Stewart, daughter of SEAL legend, Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Stewart, is in trouble. Big trouble. Eight and a half months through a difficult pregnancy, she’s kept