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NEW RELEASE!!!! Hot SEAL, Taking The Plunge

Hot SEAL, Taking the Plunge is OUT!!! I'm so thrilled. I have a proofreading team that prereads my books so I can make them as perfect as possible.  And I've been getting some FANTASTIC feedback from them, They love the story.  So, I'm hoping you, dear readers, will feel the same. I'd love to hear back from you if you buy and read the book.

Hot SEAL, Taking the Plunge is the third book I've written for the SEALS In Paradise Series. And what makes this one different is it's a wedding edition. My hero is a diving supervisor for the SEALS and by the end of the book, he's debating taking the matrimonial plunge too, thus the title. 

I have to admit I fell a little in love with him while writing about him. I hope you will too. 

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Rylie Stewart, daughter of SEAL legend, Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Stewart, is in trouble. Big trouble. Eight and a half months through a difficult pregnancy, she’s kept her silence about who the father of her unborn child is, but the closer she gets to giving birth the more the pressure mounts for her to reveal the man’s name. But she’s been a SEAL’s daughter for twenty-three years and she’s as good at keeping secrets as her father is.

Navy SEAL Eric ‘Viking’ Anderson has just come off a six-month deployment to find Rylie on his doorstep with news. He’s about to become a father, and she wants a promise in case something happens to her during the birth. Eric’s more than willing to give her his word, but he wants something in return. Another chance with the woman he loves. And this time they’re going to do things his way. No more hiding and no more secrets.

But there’s one truth he can’t reveal to Rylie without further damaging her rocky relationship with her father. He suspects Black Jack knew about their affair and deployed Eric to end it. But now Rylie’s carrying his baby, the Admiral will play hell getting rid of him again. His missions: To put a wedding ring on Rylie’s finger, making their relationship permanent, and to be the best dad in the world for their baby boy.

Here's an excerpt:  

“What do you do in the Navy?”
“I’m a dive supervisor. Do you dive?”
“Yes, I do. Though I haven’t been diving in a while, I’ve kept my certification up to date.”
“That’s great. We could go diving together sometime.”
There it was. But it thrilled her, because he was suggesting they get together for something more than a hookup. If she encouraged him, it would really get her father’s goat…but it would also be petty and immature.
On the other hand, Black Jack deserved it. But this guy didn’t deserve the trouble Black Jack was sure to send his way.
She studied Eric’s rugged, handsome face and sighed inwardly. He seemed nice enough. And that deep voice appealed to her. In fact, the whole package appealed to her. “I don’t normally go to bars alone. I just went in to find you and report the wreck.”
“You look like you’ve been crying. Boyfriend?” he asked.
She shook her head and wiped beneath her eyes. “No. I got an eyelash in my eye and my eyes watered.”
She could tell he wasn’t completely convinced.
“Come join us. Drink a glass of wine, eat a few wings, relax. At least until you’ve shaken this off.” He offered his hand. His smile held enough warmth and charm that her heart did a jig.
Once inside she said, “I need to freshen up. You’re outside with your friends?”
“Go ahead and order your food. I’ll join you.” She slipped away to freshen her makeup and half toyed with the idea of sneaking away instead. But it seemed cowardly after he’d been so nice.
As she went to join them outside, the sun had set and the lights strung overhead were already on, though the night was stalled between daylight and dusk. The air felt moist, and the breeze carried the scents of food and flowers.
Eric beckoned to her, and she headed in that direction.
“Hey, guys. This is Rylie.” Eric grabbed an empty chair and placed it at the table, then introduced his friends. Tucker and his date Jodi, and Evan and his date Presley. Nick and Eric were flying solo. At least Eric had been before inviting her to join them.
“So how long have you known Eric?” Nick asked.
Rylie checked her watch. “About half an hour.”
Everyone at the table laughed.
Nick nudged Eric in the ribs with an elbow. “A new record, Viking?” Nick’s green eyes shone with amusement.
The nickname Viking certainly suited Eric, with his blond hair and sky-blue eyes. And with a last name like Anderson he probably had the genes to back it up.
Eric grinned. “She dives. It’s a match made in heaven.”
“How long have you been diving, Rylie?” Nick asked, his eyes alight with amusement.
“Twelve years. My dad’s a dive enthusiast.” No way was she admitting to this crowd who her father was. They’d shut down and lock her out in a New York minute.
With a momentary flash of surprise, he said, “She may be better than you, Viking.”
Eric shrugged. “Dive dates aren’t a competition.”
“So, you’re going on a dive date with Viking?” Tuck asked.
Eric frowned at him. “You don’t have to make it sound like she’d be putting her life at risk.”
Everyone in the group laughed.
Rylie bit her lip to keep from smiling. “I’m just a hobbyist. Eric’s the professional. I’m sure I’d be safe with him underwater.”
“Or anywhere else,” Eric said with another of those heart-jolting grins.
A waitress and two helpers appeared with several plates. Chicken wings, strips, and the steaks Eric promised. The wait staff spaced them out down the length of the table and took more drink orders. Rylie ordered water.
Eric filled two plates with everything at hand and slid one over to her. Rylie leaned close. “I can’t stay long, Eric. I have some work I have to complete tonight.”
“Eat your food, and I’ll walk you to your car so we can discuss our dive date.”
She shook her head in exasperation. She knew what these guys were about. They thrived on the adrenaline rush of battle, and the chase, something they never gave up. But when things got emotional, they weren’t as steadfast. Like her father.
The hurt Black Jack had dealt her was still fresh, like a cut that gaped open every time she moved.
Her phone rang and she glanced at the screen. She stared for a moment at her father’s number, once again rejected the call, then opened the settings and blocked his number so he couldn’t reach her at all.
She needed a break from him and his manipulation. She’d worked hard and earned scholarships to pay for her education. She worked full time—more than full time—and paid her own bills. She always tried to make him proud. He had no right to sit in judgement on her for anything she’d ever done. And she wasn’t about to allow him or anyone else to call her a whore.
She closed out the settings and stuck the phone back in her bag. She saw Eric watching her and forced a laugh. “Everything a lady needs.”
“Not everything,” Eric said, his resonant voice intimately close to her ear.
That sexy rumble tightened things down low and brought a burst of heat to her checks. She reached for her water to cover her reaction and, out of the corner of her eye, caught the flash of Eric’s smile.
When he rested a hand against the small of her back earlier, she had trouble catching her breath. Now he casually propped an arm along the back of her chair, much like Tuck was doing with Jodi. The scent of soap and Eric came to her even as the heat from his body warmed her from arm to thigh.
She couldn’t afford to be this attracted to him. It wasn’t a good move for her or him, because her father wouldn’t approve, and he could tank Eric’s career on a whim.
Eric’s attention ricocheted back to Rylie’s profile for the tenth time since she sat beside him. All that long, thick, dark hair and those dark eyes, almost violet. And he’d been brought up short by their bruised look. If the accident happened because she got something in her eye, he’d eat his baby’s carburetor. Something upset her, and she’d been crying.
But she seemed to calm while she nibbled at the food on her plate.
She had class. Probably more class than any other woman he attempted to put the move on. But this wasn’t a pickup.
The team was discussing their plan to charter a fishing boat in a few weeks. “I heard Dawson’s is pretty reasonable,” Tuck said. “Some of the other guys used them last year.”
“Check it out for us, Tuck, and we’ll go from there,” Nick said.
“What do you do for a living, Rylie?” Jodi asked during a lull in the conversation.
“I’m an interior designer.”
“Like the people on HGTV with the computer simulations and all that?”
“Yes. I design the interiors of corporate and family spaces—houses, office buildings, apartments. A little of everything.”
“Who do you work for?”
“Adams, Shaker and Frost. Downtown.”
“That’s big time.”
“Yes, it’s my dream job.” Her face glowed when she said it. “I did an internship with them while I was in school.”
“Wow. You must be good.”
“I work at it. In fact, I have to go home and do some work that’s due tomorrow.”
She took some money out of her wallet.
“I invited you.” Eric covered her hand with his.
“It can be part of the tip. Besides I owe you a meal at the very least.” She gathered her purse. “Thank you for letting me join you. I’m glad to have met you all.” He liked that she made sure it wasn’t just lip service with a smile for each one of them.
Eric got to his feet. “I’ll walk you to your car.”
At least she didn’t turn him down, but he found it hard not to reach out and touch her.
They strolled down the street to where she was parked. “Thanks for being so…understanding about the accident. And not the asshole I was expecting.”
He laughed. “To be honest, it was touch and go there for a few minutes. What really happened to affect your eyesight?”
She looked away. “A run-in with an asshole. Not a boyfriend, but someone in my family.”
He nodded. “If the guys piss me off, we settle it with a few punches and a trip here for a beer.”
“The punches would have been satisfying but aren’t really an option for me.”
“What about a meal together without the rest of the team? Just the two of us.”
When she started to reply he knew she was going to turn him down, and was surprised when she said, “I’d like that.”
They stopped next to her car, and she unlocked the Camry’s door.
“How about tomorrow night? Name the place, and we’ll go.”
She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “I love Mexican food. And it doesn’t have to be fancy.”
“I know just the place.”
“Text me and I’ll meet you there. I work until 6:00.”
“I can pick you up.”
“No, you can’t. Your bike will be in the shop. And how are you going to get home?”
“I’ll catch a ride with one of the guys, and Todd’s going to bring me a ride in the morning. She won’t be mine, but she’ll do.”
“Are all motorcycles female?”
“Yeah. Unpredictable, mysterious, and they’ll only be good to you as long as you treat them right.”
Rylie laughed.
God, he loved that sound.
“I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle, but it’s been on my bucket list for ages.”
“You’re too young for a bucket list.”
“You’re never too young.”
He found that an odd, fatalistic outlook. It sounded like something one of the guys might say.
She offered her hand.
Eric held it in both of his. “Since I already have your address, I’ll be there at 6:30 to pick you up. Wear something casual, and I’ll take you on your first motorcycle ride.”
“I hope you’re a better driver than I am.”
He laughed. “I’ll wear goggles. Keep the bugs out of my eyes.”
He laughed. And kissed the back of her hand before releasing it.
She was smiling when she got in the car, a big change from the anxious woman he first met.
Her taillights disappeared down the street as he walked back to the restaurant.
Rylie Stewart. Where had he heard that name before? The answer hovered just out of reach.

There's another excerpt on my blog if you want to read it too.  EXCERPT 

I have to give the other two books I've written for the series a shout out. 
                                                Hot SEAL, Roman Nights  

Amazon / Apple / Nook / Kobo  / Smashwords 

On leave after a difficult mission, Navy SEAL Tony Gallo steps off the plane in Rome and tumbles right into the arms of the woman who dumped him nine years ago, and they're both there for family events. He discovers Darcy's attending the wedding they planned but never had, but now it's someone else's.

Darcy Moreau is traveling for the first time and fulfilling a dream. She's in Rome to be her best friend's Maid of Honor. But she's also there to bury the past and start a new life.

When she and Tony meet again, she wonders if the past might not be such a bad thing if her future can include the man she left behind. But can she make amends and convince him to give her another chance?
                                                                Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail 

Amazon / Apple / Nook / Kobo / Smashwords 

After a broken engagement followed by six months of grueling work, Sloan Bianchi is ready to hit the beaches of Hilton Head South Carolina for some R and R. She isn’t looking for romance, but when she catches the gaze of a stranger at a local restaurant, her attraction is immediate. But he turns out to be just another guy who can’t follow through.

Karma isn’t always a bitch. Navy SEAL Connor ‘Hammer’ Evans decides a fender bender is a small price to pay for finally meeting the woman who got away. Even though he’ll only be on the East Coast a short time, he’s convinced he and Sloan can enjoy a sexy, no-strings adventure together while he’s here.

Their first kiss ignites a hunger for each other they can’t seem to quench. As their relationship deepens, Sloan realizes she has to be honest with Connor and share the reason behind her broken engagement. When he learns the truth, will he go wheels up and leave her behind? Or will he follow through?

Maryann Jordan's book Undercover Groom released September 22nd!!! 


Nolan (Ringer) Bell is a SEAL, sidelined for a ruptured appendix and on medical leave. Bored at his mom’s house, he agrees to help his sister, a local PI, specializing in financial fraud. The case…suspected money laundering through a wedding chapel with ties to a casino.

His sister has him partnered with Lynn Cox, her best friend, a fraud accountant, and the girl who crushed on him in high school and threw herself at him right before he left for the Navy... and he rebuffed rudely.
Their assignment… to have a pretend wedding to get a close up view at what is going on in the chapel and spend their “honeymoon” at the Casino resort.

Ringer’s sweet but meddling mother is the secretary setting up the details. She has always had a soft spot for Lynn and uses their real documents when applying for their “fake marriage license”.
Discovering they are married for real, Ringer and Lynn have to figure out how to get unmarried while still investigating the money laundering scheme. A night gambling and drinking lands Ringer and Lynn in honeymoon suite.

Maybe mom knows best, after all.

Here are all of my sister authors who have already released their books:


When a Navy SEAL runs into an obstacle, he climbs over it, under it, around it, or destroys it. So what if it's a woman?

Master Chief Benjamin Blackwell has it all. Adventure, good looks, skills, and women. His life is perfect and he has no intention of changing a thing. Until her.

Holly Maxwell is a sexy woman unlike anyone he’s met before. A widow for ten years, she’s happy with her life even with the trials of raising a pre-teen daughter, and being the only girl in a nosy, boisterous family of Coronado cops.

But what makes her so inexplicable to this Navy SEAL is her total lack of interest in him.


What does a Navy SEAL do in his downtime? Plan a wedding with his ex-girlfriend.
As a Navy SEAL, Evan “Cowboy” Lancaster can handle any task, any disaster. Until he gets roped into planning his best friend’s wedding and discovers just who will be helping him. But the high school sweetheart who stole and broke his heart isn’t a young girl anymore. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman, and it’s all Evan can do to keep his hands off her delicious curves.
Presley’s high school boyfriend reappears the same way he’d left—without warning. Now, all she wants is to plan her friend’s wedding and get back to her life without Evan. The last thing she needs to do is fall for a sexy, larger-than-life, blast from the past who has a history of leaving her in the dust.
They agree to put the past behind them for the sake of the wedding, but that doesn’t stop their chemistry from reigniting, burning hotter than ever. As they navigate their way through cake tastings, musical trio’s, and an unlikely wedding venue, Evan keeps a secret. One that could ruin everything.

When Evan and Presley come face-to-face after all these years, will they finally find happiness, or will old demons destroy their second chance?


He’s a former Navy SEAL in financial straits.
She’s a bar owner in need of a bouncer.
Perfect, right? Hardly.

When Jodi finds out her new bouncer is none other than Tucker, the man currently starring on a reality television show, she isn’t happy. She doesn’t want the publicity. Plus, she thinks he’s a fool. Who marries a stranger on television for money?

Tucker isn’t happy either. He’s in over his head in a farce of a marriage, but he needs the money the network is paying him. It’s nobody’s business why he’s working a night job in a bar at the same time.

Too bad the heat between them is incendiary. Hooking up is a huge mistake for them both, but some risks are worth it...


Friends? No. Enemies? Maybe. Lovers? Never!
Ten years ago the hot but cocky Navy SEAL went from ignoring her, to kissing her, to rejecting her.
Now the last thing she wants is his help, even if he is willing and uniquely qualified to give it.
And she really doesn't want to want him . . .

She was the girl next door. Too young. Too tempting. Too off limits.
Ten years later, she's all grown up and all woman.
He steered clear of her then. But now?
Now is a different story entirely . . . 

Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride is a standalone boy-next-door, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, laugh out loud romantic comedy featuring a sexy Navy SEAL, the stubborn neighbor girl, a really bad reality TV show, and a romance a decade in the making.

Amazon / Apple / Nook / Kobo /  GooglePlay

If you want something done right, pick the best man for the job.

As the best man, Navy SEAL Jacob “Rooster” Fowler is only responsible for two things—the bachelor party and getting the groom to the wedding on time. Enlisting the help of the wedding planner, he has a hell of a bachelor party planned. While trying unsuccessfully to keep his hands off the wedding planner, he’s in charge of a party complete with a stripper popping out of a cake. What could possibly go wrong?

What can go wrong will, at the worst possible moment

Casey Wesson promised the bride, the groom and a potential client that she’s an expert and can manage a wedding beautifully. Her friend is counting on her, the groom trusts her, and her business depends on this wedding going off without a hitch. When the stripper doesn’t show up to jump out of the cake, Casey has no choice but to fill in. One thing leads to another and she ends up in bed with the best man, waking up to a missing groom the day before the wedding.

On a mission to locate the groom, the best man and the wedding planner discover a plot to stop the wedding and a love they never expected.


A former Navy SEAL is teamed with a feisty ex-Marine to provide protection for a Greek tycoon's daughter to make sure the bride gets safely to her destination wedding...

Former Navy SEAL, Trigger Matthews, now a special operator with Justin Ballard's Black Knight Security in New Orleans, is teamed with a feisty ex-Marine as part of the protection detail for a Greek tycoon's spoiled daughter. The prickly woman proves to be a challenge he's eager to explore.

Due to her uncanny resemblance to their client's daughter, Cassandra Locke is tasked with being a "decoy bride", a job that sees her going through some matrimonial hoops while fighting her growing attraction for her partner for this operation. Together, they create diversions to make sure the real bride has a chance to prepare for her coming nuptials.

Both loners, and unaware of the fact that they are indeed lonely, Trigger and Cass find out they have many more qualities in common, including an inability to stay away from each other. As the real bride's day draws closer, they learn that she's more than a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth and find unexpected friendships along the way.

When danger draws nearer, they must trust each other's strengths to get them through it.

Remember we have one last release SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 in the SEALS In Paradise Series  Wedding Edition!!!   I hope you'll check out all the books. 

Happy Reading!!!
Teresa Reasor 

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