Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Release!!! Hot SEAL, Undercover Groom and a Cover Reveal!!

Maryann Jordan's book, Hot SEAL, Undercover Groom is out!   Her book is the last of this season's SEALS In Paradise releases.  You'll want to read every last one of them. They're filled with humor, action, hot SEALS, and HOT ROMANCE!!! 

I love writing these books. And I love all the wonderful, talented writers I work with on this series. I'm looking forward to next year's releases. 


Nolan (Ringer) Bell is a SEAL, sidelined for a ruptured appendix and on medical leave. Bored at his mom’s house, he agrees to help his sister, a local PI, specializing in financial fraud. The case…suspected money laundering through a wedding chapel with ties to a casino.

His sister has him partnered with Lynn Cox, her best friend, a fraud accountant, and the girl who crushed on him in high school and threw herself at him right before he left for the Navy... and he rebuffed rudely.
Their assignment… to have a pretend wedding to get a close up view at what is going on in the chapel and spend their “honeymoon” at the Casino resort.

Ringer’s sweet but meddling mother is the secretary setting up the details. She has always had a soft spot for Lynn and uses their real documents when applying for their “fake marriage license”.
Discovering they are married for real, Ringer and Lynn have to figure out how to get unmarried while still investigating the money laundering scheme. A night gambling and drinking lands Ringer and Lynn in honeymoon suite.

Maybe mom knows best, after all.

My next SEAL TEAM HEARTBREAKER book Building Family will be out in March 21, 2021. I have my cover minus the tag line. I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you. I LOVE IT!!!  The book will be available for preorder soon. 

Here's the Blurb: 
 After nine years of marriage to a Navy SEAL Zoe Weaver Yazzie knows about sacrifice. Because of numerous periods of separation from her husband she's put her dream of having another child on the back burner. But now her biological clock is ticking and she needs Hawk's cooperation. 

Lieutenant Commander Adam "Hawk" Yazzie is stunned when his wife springs the idea of having a baby on him. Their son will soon be ten and Hawk believes their baby days are over. He's faced with a dilemma, if he says no and crushes Zoe's dream, will it cause long term harm to their marriage?

When Zoe is injured in a terrible hit and run accident, the decision is put on hold while they wait for her to wake up. Hawk is faced with the possibility that his wife might not survive.  But when she finally opens her eyes, he's dealt an unthinkable blow. Zoe doesn't remember him or their life together.  

My own latest release, Hot SEAL taking the Plunge just came out September 1st. So I have to remind you of it. I fell in love with my hero. I hope you will too. 

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Rylie Stewart, daughter of SEAL legend, Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Stewart, is in trouble. Big trouble. Eight and a half months through a difficult pregnancy, she’s kept her silence about who the father of her unborn child is, but the closer she gets to giving birth the more the pressure mounts for her to reveal the man’s name. But she’s been a SEAL’s daughter for twenty-three years and she’s as good at keeping secrets as her father is.

Navy SEAL Eric ‘Viking’ Anderson has just come off a six-month deployment to find Rylie on his doorstep with news. He’s about to become a father, and she wants a promise in case something happens to her during the birth. Eric’s more than willing to give her his word, but he wants something in return. Another chance with the woman he loves. And this time they’re going to do things his way. No more hiding and no more secrets.

But there’s one truth he can’t reveal to Rylie without further damaging her rocky relationship with her father. He suspects Black Jack knew about their affair and deployed Eric to end it. But now Rylie’s carrying his baby, the Admiral will play hell getting rid of him again. His missions: To put a wedding ring on Rylie’s finger, making their relationship permanent, and to be the best dad in the world for their baby boy.

There are actually 25 books in the series.  All of the books are released!!!  Click on the link:  Paradise Authors' Page and you'll have access to all the books in the series.  

Read on!!
Teresa Reasor 

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