Tuesday, June 9, 2020

NEW RELEASE!! Cat Johnson's Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride!

The next book in the SEALS IN PARADISE, WEDDING EDITION, Series is out.  CAT JOHNSON'S book Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride went live today.   It's the third book released in the series.  Cat's books are guaranteed to give you a fun plot and a hot romance. Check it out!


Friends? No. Enemies? Maybe. Lovers? Never!
Ten years ago the hot but cocky Navy SEAL went from ignoring her, to kissing her, to rejecting her.
Now the last thing she wants is his help, even if he is willing and uniquely qualified to give it.
And she really doesn't want to want him . . .

She was the girl next door. Too young. Too tempting. Too off limits.
Ten years later, she's all grown up and all woman.
He steered clear of her then. But now?
Now is a different story entirely . . . 

Hot SEAL, Runaway Bride is a standalone boy-next-door, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, laugh out loud romantic comedy featuring a sexy Navy SEAL, the stubborn neighbor girl, a really bad reality TV show, and a romance a decade in the making.

Elle James' book Hot SEAL, Bachelor Party came out April 28th and is available for purchase.

If you want something done right, pick the best man for the job.

As the best man, Navy SEAL Jacob “Rooster” Fowler is only responsible for two things—the bachelor party and getting the groom to the wedding on time. Enlisting the help of the wedding planner, he has a hell of a bachelor party planned. While trying unsuccessfully to keep his hands off the wedding planner, he’s in charge of a party complete with a stripper popping out of a cake. What could possibly go wrong?

What can go wrong will, at the worst possible moment

Casey Wesson promised the bride, the groom and a potential client that she’s an expert and can manage a wedding beautifully. Her friend is counting on her, the groom trusts her, and her business depends on this wedding going off without a hitch. When the stripper doesn’t show up to jump out of the cake, Casey has no choice but to fill in. One thing leads to another and she ends up in bed with the best man, waking up to a missing groom the day before the wedding.

On a mission to locate the groom, the best man and the wedding planner discover a plot to stop the wedding and a love they never expected.

Delilah Devlin's book Hot SEAL, Decoy Bride came out May 19th!


A former Navy SEAL is teamed with a feisty ex-Marine to provide protection for a Greek tycoon's daughter to make sure the bride gets safely to her destination wedding...

Former Navy SEAL, Trigger Matthews, now a special operator with Justin Ballard's Black Knight Security in New Orleans, is teamed with a feisty ex-Marine as part of the protection detail for a Greek tycoon's spoiled daughter. The prickly woman proves to be a challenge he's eager to explore.

Due to her uncanny resemblance to their client's daughter, Cassandra Locke is tasked with being a "decoy bride", a job that sees her going through some matrimonial hoops while fighting her growing attraction for her partner for this operation. Together, they create diversions to make sure the real bride has a chance to prepare for her coming nuptials.

Both loners, and unaware of the fact that they are indeed lonely, Trigger and Cass find out they have many more qualities in common, including an inability to stay away from each other. As the real bride's day draws closer, they learn that she's more than a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth and find unexpected friendships along the way.

When danger draws nearer, they must trust each other's strengths to get them through it.

The rest of the SEALS In Paradise series is available for Preorder!! Check them out!

Becca Jameson's book Hot SEAL, Cold Feet will be out June 30th. 


Parker Kincade's book Hot SEAL, Best Man will be out July 21st!


Cynthia D'Alba's Book Hot SEAL, Confirmed Bachelor will be out August 11th!


My Book will be out on September 1st!!!


Maryann Jordan's book Hot SEAL, Undercover Groom on September 22nd!!!


There are 25 books in the series!! If you'd like to check them all out here's a link 

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