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Where did STEAMPUNK come from?

Steampunk is a genre inspired by a mixture of the real industrialization of Victorian and Edwardian England and the science fiction literature penned during the period. Authors such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are all considered influences of the genre. Ask anyone who has written a Steampunk story and they'll admit to having read some or all of these authors. I have. AN AUTOMATED DEATH The term Steampunk came about in the 1980's Until that time, the genre was called cyberpunk or just Victorian Fantasy. Writer K.W. Jeter was given credit for the Steampunk moniker. It was an apt description because of the steam powered engines developed during the Victorian Era and the manipulation that writers of the 1980's through today use to hype the history to include more and more fanciful inventions that pushed the genre. Because the stories written during the real Era were so imaginative and built around that grain of truth t

A Regency Serial Killer

When I started writing Captive Hearts in 2005 I had it in my head I wanted to try something different in my book than the Regency Romances I had read.  Most of the Regencies I'd read at that period were light fare. Drawing room dramas with romantic conflicts that though entertaining were not dark. I wanted to write a DARK Regency.With touches of humor here and there. I wracked my brain for several days trying to figure out what kind of story line I could do that would satisfy my suspenseful craving. And decided I needed a serial killer. I had just read several books on Jack the Ripper. One of the best I've read to date is titled THE COMPLETE JACK THE RIPPER CASEBOOK BY DONALD RUMBLELOW Rumblelow is a retired Scotland Yard Detective and I was fascinated by his book. It goes into depth how the lower class lived during that period, what London was like, and of course the murders there in White chapel. (It is not available on kindle but is in print and well worth the read.)


I've been very, very busy this month. I did a 1000 and 1000 challenge with Kerry Nelson of writing 1000 words a day and reading 1000 words a day.  The reading part is never a challenge. I read over 1000 words every day anyway. But the writing 1000 words is a little more work.  By the end of the month, I had done 21,500 words. I had broken the 32,000 word mark on my latest SEAL book and I've written 4500 words on the next short story in my To Capture A Highlander's Heart short story series.  So I'm closer to 25,000 total. I'm determined to break that 1000 words a day thing though. So, that is going to be my goal for the month. Write at least 35,000 words for the month. I'm on the down hill slide of finishing my 10th year with Eastern Kentucky University. I teach Art Appreciation at one of the satellite colleges here in Kentucky.   Next, I have just re-released my Scottish Historical Romance HIGHLAND MOONLIGHT . If you haven't read it here's