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Being a writer is not always easy.  There are days I never look up from my computer. And others I wander through the house from room to room brainstorming to try and get a clearer picture of what I want to happen in my story. Some days it comes easy and others it's like pushing a jelly bean up a mountain with my nose. But yesterday was one of the good days.  I got my galley of Breaking Free.   I haven't okayed it yet.  I have to read all the way through the book and make sure that every t is crossed and every i dotted. But there's nothing wrong with the cover.  It's a beauty. And my man is something that dreams are made of.  Just as is my hero Adam "Hawk" Yazzie. As much as I'm enjoying my kindle, I have to tell you that holding that print book in my hand really thrilled me to no end. I believe it's because it is a concrete representation of all the work that has gone into writing a novel. Part of it is knowing that every one of my 93,000 word