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Hello to all my wonderful readers!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. I thought I'd send out a quick announcement.  The first three books of my SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series are now available in a box set on Amazon for $6.99. Please share this newsletter and let any friends who might be interested know. Right now the box set is only available on Amazon, but that will change and it will be available at all distributors soon. SEAL Team HeartbreakersBox Set The next installment of my SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series Breaking Ties is coming out. Breaking Ties is a novella about Selena and Oliver ‘Greenback’ Shaker. Here’s the long blurb: Navy SEAL Oliver ‘Greenback’ Shaker is used to making sacrifices in service to his country. Yet he’s blindsided when he returns from a training rotation and learns his wife, Selena has struggled with a terrible secret in his absence—a secret which might require a sacrifice he’s not prepared to make.