Tuesday, October 20, 2020

New RELEASE from Abigail Keam Murder Under A Black Moon!

I love to write, but I also love to read. Most writers do. The more you read, the more it feeds your writing skills because you absorb things from everything you read.  With some books, you may garner small facts. With others, like Sol Stein's book Other People, it can hit you with the weight of an epiphany about style or voice. 

I read everything. from Stephen King's horror novels, though he writes much more than horror (check out his short stories) to Janet Oake's inspirationals. From Kallypso Masters BDSM novels to J. D. Robb's in Death Series.  From Robyn Peterman's hysterically funny paranormal romances to Michael Connelly's hard-boiled Harry Bosche detective series. 

I love books, I love good writing and I love stories that will take me to a different place, a different world, a different time period. 

Abigail Keam is a friend who writes Cozy mysteries. I think I've read most of her Josiah Reynold's series. Josiah is an edgy Jessica Fletcher. She's sarcastic and has some hard edges that make her more interesting as a character than Jessica. There are 12 books in that series. 

In case you want to check them all out here's a link to her Amazon author page : Abigail Keam Books 

Lately, Abigail has been writing the Mona Moon Mystery series. Some of the things that make this series interesting are: it's set in the 1930's during the depression, the main character is a cartographer, a field not many women would have chosen to pursue back then, and the series is set in the state of Kentucky.

Since I'm a native Kentuckian, I love mysteries, and I knew nothing about Kentucky during the depression, but I'm always up for learning about different historic periods, I thought this premise was an original idea and started reading the series.

Murder Under a Black Moon is Abigail's next release due out October 19th.  

Here's the blurb: 

Madeline Mona Moon is not your typical young lady. She is a cartographer by trade, explorer by nature, and adventurer by heart. 

She attends the Kentucky Derby with Lord Farley and his guest, the fabulous Alice Roosevelt Longworth, one of the most famous women in the world. To their surprise and dismay, a man is murdered right under their noses. How could they not have noticed?

To make matters worse, Mona's friend, Willie Deatherage, is accused of the murder. Mona insists that Willie couldn't have done it as she never left Mona's side during the race—or did she? 

Mona is not going to let her friend go to jail for something she didn't do, but how does Mona find the real killer amongst other suspects at the Derby?

If Mona has to interview every one of the 60,000 people attending the Derby, she will. That's how Mona does things in 1934. 

And here's a short excerpt: (Forgive the formating, I'm just learning the new setup with blogspot)

I thought that was an interesting start to the mystery and gave you a flavor of the time period as well.  

Here are the links:

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Thursday, October 1, 2020



Make Mine MILITARY ROMANCE--and make it sexy, too!

This October, it's time to get down and dirty with our boys in uniform. We've got 18 perfect ways to do just that. Grab these books featuring military guys at a discounted price--but only for a limited time. AND don't forget to enter our giveaway to be eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card! 

Here's the landing page: 

This promotion will run from October 1 through the 15th. 

The authors who are participating are:
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To give you a heads up my book Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail is $.99 for this sale. I think I have one of the sexiest covers around. 

I hope you'll join us for this sale. And take advantage of the great reads and savings you'll gain from it.

Tawdra Kandle is also participating in another anthology release: JINGLE BALLS, (which sounds funny with lots of humor)an anthology of holiday romcoms to benefit the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. If you're interested you can check it out on her facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTawdraKandle/photos/a.358617240826663/3594810480540640/?type=3&theater 

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