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Recently I joined forces with a wonderful bunch of ladies to create a sampler of first chapters of our published books to promote our writing. With the KIW Sampler you get a taste of different genres, of different voices, and different story lines.   If you're interested in downloading it for free you can go to It's also available at Amazon and is FREE there as well .    The sampler contains the first chapters of each of these authors: Hayden Braeburn ---   Hot Erotic Romance--- Fight For Me Hallee Bridgeman --- Edg y Inspirational Romance --- Emerald Fire   Diane Strong --- Hi tchc ockian Suspense --- Out and Back Amy Durham --- Twi - better Young Adult ---   Once Again   Jesse Coffey --- Quirky Paranormal --- Salt Of The Earth   Katherine Lowry Logan --- American Hi storical Timetravel--- The Ruby Brooch   Kallypso Master s --- Military Erotic Romance --- Nobody's Perfect   Teresa Reasor ---