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Emotional Connections to Writing Military Romance

Writers live in a bubble created by our imaginations. We live with our characters in that bubble as well. We breath life into them and give them memories, families, backgrounds, experiences and before the book is completed, they have become real to us because we've experienced their emotions while we're writing them. We've asked them questions and waited for their answers. With everything they've experienced we've drawn from our experiences to give them life. Drawn from our own emotions too. When I first started writing my SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series I had an immediate emotional connection to the books because of my father's military service in the Marine Corps. My father had gone in at the tender age of seventeen during WWII. His mother signed the paperwork for him to go. In fact, all but two of my father's siblings went into some branch of the service at that time. The two youngest were too young to serve. My father at seventeen was on Iwo Gima when