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Bidding Farewell to Beloved Characters

Finishing a book is a bit like saying good-bye to loved ones after a long visit. You spend every day with your characters, caring for them, listening to them, watching them struggle, And crying with them when they're hurt or upset. You experience their emotions as you write them.

I've finished the eighth full-length book of my SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series and ended the through-line that wove through each of the books and the two novellas in the Breaking part of the series. Ten stories in all. The last book was Breaking Chains, Derrick Armstrong's story (Released May 13th).

Here are the blurb and the links:

Ex-Navy SEAL Derrick Armstrong walks out of the Miramar military brig with a dishonorable discharge, a criminal record, and no prospects. The odds are against him being able to build a normal life after prison, but his training as a SEAL keeps him going.
Ella Bailey is struggling financially to raise her seven-year-old son alone. Life has dealt her some hard blows and when Derrick steps between her and another one, she’s both grateful and wary. She views men as obstacles to avoid, but she’s drawn to Derrick, and sees something special in him.
Derrick's kept his past a secret. When Ella’s ex-boss is found dead and the cops question them both, he realizes, whether he’s done anything or not, he’s living on borrowed time. When they train their sights on Ella instead, he moves to protect her, and in the process exposes his past.
Will she kick him to the curb or will she allow him to build a life with her and her son?

With that release, I didn't realize I'd need some weeks to mourn the end of that part of the series and mourn the loss of my characters.  They won't be entirely gone, but I was saying good-bye to them as a team.  Most have moved on to other positions. Several now have their own teams. They're all in long term relationships.  And because the characters in a series never remain static, even if you're not writing about them, they'll go on and live their lives. And possibly pop in to visit my other characters in the next part of the series.

But it's still not easy to leave them behind. I get teary every time I think of it because they've been a part of my life for the last nine years. They'll be a part of me from now on since they've become real people to me.   

And now I have a new TEAM I'll be writing about---the team I introduced in Building Ties.  
Lieutenant Sam Harding  "Hardass Harding"
Petty Officer Martin Swan "Swan"
Petty Officer Clyde Rosenburg  "Squirrel"
Seaman Frank Denotti "Knotty"
Seaman Josh Aaron  "Arrow"
Seaman Elijah Ashe  "Book"
Seaman Gilbert Giles  "Gilly"
Seaman Jeff  Sizemore  "Bullet"   (Brett Weaver's replacement since Brett's been promoted and earned his own SEAL Team now.)

With the first book, Building Strength I'll be introducing the team again and renewing the BUILDING part of the series, since Building Ties kicked the Building Team off. 

I'm going to share my cover with you though the book won't be out until November.  

This will be Sam Harding's story the CO of the SEAL Team and he's a real hard-ass until he meets Moira Campbell.  

Every time I write a book I fall in love with the hero a little. Sam is sexy as hell, smart, charismatic, and a hard-ass. Not an easy man, but sometimes when passions run deep the guy puts up walls to hide how much he cares.  I'm learning about Sam and falling in love with him at the same time. 

I'll be hard at work on Building Strength until October. Then I'll be moving on to the next SEALS In Paradise book Taking The Plunge.  Just thought I'd share that news, too. It will be out in July of next year.  I'll also be working on Deep Within The Mind the third book of the Superstition Series. Here's the cover.  I'm hoping to get it out in February of next year. 

Thanks for letting me share my cover and my thoughts about moving on to another part of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series as well as all my other news.  

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Teresa Reasor 

Monday, July 1, 2019


 I'm a member of a fantastic group of writers. And each of us has written a new book for the  SEALS IN PARADISE SERIES.  Some of them have already released and some will release in the next few weeks. And you can check out all the books on the Paradise Authors page on Amazon. 

My book in the SEALS IN PARADISE SERIES, Hot SEAL, Roman Nights, is releasing today!!!!
I think my cover is gorgeous. Thanks to Elle James who created it. 

Here's the blurb: 

--> On leave after a difficult mission, Navy SEAL Tony Gallo steps off the plane in Rome and tumbles right into the arms of the woman who dumped him nine years ago, and they're both there for family events. He discovers Darcy's attending the wedding they planned but never had, but now it's someone else's.

Darcy Moreau is traveling for the first time and fulfilling a dream. She's in Rome to be her best friend's Maid of Honor. But she's also there to bury the past and start a new life.
When she and Tony meet again, she wonders if the past might not be such a bad thing if her future can include the man she left behind. But can she make amends and convince him to give her another chance?

Here's an excerpt to tempt you: 

“You look a little stressed.”

“Leslie and I aren’t used to the kind of noise and activity a huge family can create. It’s like being caught in the eye of a hurricane and watching the winds spin around you.” She sipped the wine, then seemed to savor it before swallowing.
“Mine’s the tornado with sports addicts flying through, kicking soccer balls at my head.”
She chuckled.
“How did Michel do?” he asked.
“He did fine. His father, Marcello, was there to ride herd over him while his mother was putting the baby down. We didn’t give him the ring to carry, only the pillow. We may do the same tomorrow.”
Thunder rumbled in the distance, and she got to her feet and leaned out to look up past the balcony above them. “Tell me it isn’t going to rain tomorrow.”
Tony joined her there, opened his phone, and went online. “No. There’s just going to be a small shower within the next hour or so, and it’s supposed to be clear and sunny tomorrow.”
She relaxed again.
He stuck the phone in his back pocket and continued to stand next to her at the balcony railing. The wind picked up, and she smoothed a long strand of hair off her neck as she tracked the progress of slow-moving car on the street below. “He has to be asleep at the wheel or something.
He chuckled.
“Do you remember when you used to sneak into my bedroom by way of the tree?”
He immediately remembered the soft, warm nights and great sex, and he grinned. “Yeah. That was the entire last semester of our senior year.”
“It’s a wonder you didn’t fall and get hurt.”
“The only time I was ever in danger of getting injured was the night your parents came home early and I had to go out the window bare-assed naked and climb down. That tree wasn’t very friendly to certain exposed parts of my anatomy.”
She laughed. “As I remember, everything survived.”
“Yeah, but my psyche was forever scarred when your next-door neighbor, Mrs. McKee, said if she had someone as good-looking as me at home, she wouldn’t spend her time reading romance novels to get in the mood.”
“Oh, my God!” She clapped her hand to her mouth. “She saw you that night?”
He shot her a look. “She could have told my parents, but she didn’t.”
“She could have told mine, too, and we’d both have been in hot water.”
He leaned his arms on the railing. “What made you think of that?”
“It started out with Leslie saying Roberto was going to slip into her room so they could have some alone time tonight. I thought about the balcony outside her second-story bedroom at the villa and was worried he might try something romantic and get hurt. Then I remembered how many times you climbed that tree so we could be together and how ridiculously romantic and dangerous it was.”
To him it had been a matter of practicality. There was no way he could have sneaked her into his bedroom, and neither of them had the money for a hotel room…not that anyone would have rented them one. Back then her room, the car, and out on the water in the family fishing boat were the only places left where they could be alone.
But it would totally spoil the mood if he told her his reasons had been strictly practical.
“I could run downstairs and climb the balcony for you right now,” he offered instead.
“Tony,” she breathed his name in a way brought his cock to full attention. She moved in close to rest her palm against his cheek, then stood on tiptoe to kiss the small lump on his jaw. “You need to ice on that. I’ll get you some.”
He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close. “It’ll be okay. I thought about you all day today.”
“I did you, too.” Her hands ran up his back as she curved against him. “I remember how you challenged me to make love in unusual places.”
He laughed. “I was young and impatient. But after the Mrs. McKee experience, I cultivated a little more control and caution.”
She smothered her laughter against his shirt, the warmth of her breath against his chest driving him crazy. He caught his fingers in her hair and finger-combed her lightly sun-tinted waves.
When she tilted her head back to look up at him, he took her mouth.
The sweet taste of the wine was on her lips, and the spicy heat of her response fed his need. His breathing was a little unsteady when he broke the kiss. “Even after nine years I can still remember what it was like when we were together.”
“I can too, Tony.”
He hardened painfully. “Are you sure you want to go there again?”
“I’ve tried twice to bury the past and move on, and I wasn’t able to.”
Only twice. Jesus. How many women had he used in an attempt to bury it? He didn’t want to remember. Not any of it.
She smoothed his shirt over his chest, and his pectoral muscles tightened in response. His mouth went dry. The first splattering drops of rain hit the balcony. “Let’s go in.” He scooped up the wine glasses, carried them into the room, set them on the tray with the water glasses and poured them both more wine.
He was reluctant to touch her. And he also wanted to bury himself in her and sate himself with her body, her smell, her taste.
He turned to find her slipping out of her dress. Frozen, he watched her drape it over the arm of a chair next to the bed. The lace panties left little to the imagination, the matching bra cupped her breasts and lifted them. She had lost the soft, rounded look of a teenager and now had the lean, slender lines of a fit woman. She took his breath away.
“I don’t normally rush things like this.” She bit her lip.

He strode toward her, stripping his T-shirt off along the way. “I think nine years is long enough to wait.” He pulled her against him, skimming his hand down her side to reach behind and cup her buttocks, tightening her against him from shoulders to knees, and kissed her.
Here are the links:

I'm so blessed to do what I love every day. I wouldn't be able to do that without you dear readers. Thank you so much!!  

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