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Visiting Marliss Melton's Blog: Come Comment

Marliss Melton invited me onto her blog to talk about my Navy SEAL series The SEAL Team Heartbreakers. There's a $10.00 Gift card going to be drawn from all the comments. All you have to do is drop by her blog and leave a comment.

I hope you'll stop by and join in. 
Teresa Reasor 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Interview with Teresa Reasor by Angela Rackard

Recently I did an interview for Angela Rackard, a reviewer who likes my books. I was thrilled to do it and wanted to share it with you.

1. If your books became movies, who would you want to play your characters?
Breaking Free Eric Bana and Kate Beckensale.
Breaking Through and Building Ties I had a picture of Paul Walker on my desktop the whole time I wrote both these books. I’d get up in the morning and say ‘hello handsome’ then go to work. I grieved when he was killed.  And I would have loved for him to play Brett in the movies. I’m not sure anyone else could take his place. But I choose Channing Tatum and Deborah Ann Woll.
Breaking Away   Chris Evans and Jessica Chastain 
Breaking Ties  Charlie Hunnam  and Jessica Alba
Breaking Boundaries  Bradley Cooper and Emily Blunt
Breaking Out  (even though it’s not out yet.) Gemma Arterton  Colton Haynes
Timeless  Gerard Butler  and  Jennifer Lawrence.
Whisper In My Ear  Stephen Amell  and Agnes Buckner
Deep Within The Shadows  Theo James and  Kate Voegele (as the twins)
Highland Moonlight Sam Heughan (of course) and Blake Lively
Captive Hearts Anthony Star and Gal Gadot
To Capture A Highlander’s Heart: The Wedding Night Chris Hemsworth and Christen Stewart

2. Did you ever think of making a YouTube video of any of your characters?
 I have a trailer for Timeless. It’s the closest I ever came to movie history with one of my books. It was on the USA HEA site.

3. Have you ever dressed up as one of your characters?
No. I’m not macho enough to carry the guys. And I’m not sexy or young enough to carry the women. LOL But I was a pirate at KallypsoCon.

 Teresa Reasor, Kallypso Masters, JM Madden, Kennedy Lane , Christen Harber, Sharon Hamilton, and Elle James 

4. If you could be one of your characters, who would it be? Why?
It would be Regan Stanhope in Timeless. She gets to love her SEXY Scotsman in the past and the future.  And she’s a kick ass heroine who can scuba dive and is, not fearless, but able to overcome her fear.

5. What's the weirdest question you have ever been asked?
Who was the inspiration for my love scenes?  I have to say it isn’t anyone I know. I have a really-really good imagination. 

6. Have you ever traveled to research for a book?
Yes I have. I went to Scotland for two weeks to research the Loch Maree area for my book Timeless.

Loch Maree

It was a wonderful trip. We started in Edinburgh and worked our way all over Scotland then back to Edinburgh to catch our flight out. We spent three days in Northern Ireland as well.  I learned about the country, their history, the culture, and loved the people in both countries. I felt right at home there.

I also went to California for a week.  I visited Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Lancaster and Palmdale, which is close to Edwards Air Force base. We did a lot of driving to check out as much of the state as we could.

Where would you want to go?  
I want to go back to San Diego and stay at the Dell.  We lived in Miramar when my father was stationed in California and I would really like to go back and visit the area again.  And I’d love to go up I-5 and see the coast again. We couldn’t take the coastal road the last time we were there because there were fires burning and they’d shut the highway.

How do you research the places you write about?
I like to drive and take thousands of pictures. I also go on line to research the area while we’re there and after the trip is over. I usually blog about the places, the history and the culture I learn about.

7. Do your characters stalk you until you write their story or do you really have to focus and then flesh out random ideas?
They are all stalkers. I have a picture of them in my head and they talk to me all the time. While I was writing To Capture A Highlander’s Heart: The Wedding Night, Gabriel was in my head.  Grace dominates the book, but it was Gabriel’s voice I heard a great deal of the time. That husky Scottish brogue was in my head for weeks. It was really hard to ignore it when I had to switch gears and start another book.

Now, Zach ‘Doc’ O’Connor is stalking me. I’m writing his story Breaking Out.  I hear his thoughts and voice in my head all the time and feel his emotions. He’s a strong personality and hard to resist.

It always seems to be the men who guide the story.

8. Do you have a ritual you go through to write?

I get up at 7:00 every day, take a shower, get dressed and write for about 5 hours before I take a break. I’m extremely slow so it varies how many words I may get written during that time. I usually post some things to Twitter some time during that period as well.  I eat a small lunch around noon and maybe watch one forty-five minute show on Netflix. I like to watch whole series, so I’ll pick one and watch one episode at a time until I’ve seen the all. Last month I finished all the old shows of the X-Files.
I’ll go back to writing around 1:00, then do promotion around 3:00.  I’ll write until 5:00 and fix a quick dinner, since my husband sort of insists on eating at least one time a day. After dinner, I’ll usually edit what I’ve written for the day. About 8:00 I’ll do some more promotion usually on Facebook. I’ve usually run out of steam by then and I’ll stop for the night.
I write seven days a week. I take my computer everywhere I go.
My family says I’m obsessed. And I am. I'm finally able to do what I always dreamed of doing. I'm not letting the grass grow under my feet. You never know what may happen later down the road. 

9. What do you feel is your greatest achievement in being an author?
 I’ve written 11 full-length books and seen them in print. And several other shorter pieces. That I’m published at all and have people who want to read my words is a dream come true. Without readers, I would still write, but it does encourage me to keep going when one of them contacts me to tell me they loved my story and ask when the next one is due out.

10. When did you feel like you "made it?" 
When my first two books Highland Moonlight and Captive Hearts were published in 2007. I couldn’t have been prouder that people wanted my work and readers wanted to read it.

Highland Moonlight 

                                                    Captive Hearts 

Thanks to every one of my readers, without whom I could not continue to do what I do. I appreciate all of you!!!         
And thanks to Angela Rackard for doing the interview and sharing her time with me. 

Read on,
Teresa Reasor 

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NEW RELEASES!! To Capture a Highlander's Heart: The Wedding Night

Finally To Capture a Highlander’s Heart: The Wedding Night is released. I’m so excited. And it’s only $2.99.

Highland warlord Gabriel Campbell plans to wed Grace MacNab, but is stunned to learn the banns have been challenged on the grounds Grace is a lady by birth. They cannot marry under the king’s law without permission.

The man Grace fears most has come to Caisteal Sith to force her into marriage. And there are others eager to offer for her in exchange for access to the charter the king’s regent has given her, but she’s in love with Gabriel. Though she doubts the depth of Gabriel’s feelings, she’s convinced he’s still the best man to lead her clan and fulfill her heart’s desire.

Can the two stand together to fight tradition and win? Or will their chance at happiness be forever out of reach?

The Series:
Amazon Canada:

It's released in paperback too published with the other two parts of the series To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Begining and To Capture A highlander's Heart: The Courtship.  All three parts of the series in one GORGEOUS  paperback.
Check out this cover!!

Here's the link:

A Short Excerpt: 

Mistress Moire smiled. “’Tis good t’ hear ye have been welcomed as ye should be.”
“Everyone was very cordial,” Grace said. Her cheeks heated, and she looked away. Standing together, newly wed, with both women knowing what would come about as soon as they went upstairs, made her feel as though she stood naked before them.
“We moved yer things into the master’s chamber,” Mistress Moire said, her neutral tone that of a good servant. “I will show you the way.” She mounted the stairs. Gabriel held out a hand and Grace grasped it, her eyes downcast.
They crossed the gallery and followed Mistress Moire down the east wing. At the end of the hall she came to a halt. “The fire has been lit, and the candles. And we left you some wine t’ drink and a wee bite to eat. Your travel gown and shift are cleaned and there for you as well, ma’am.”
“Thank you, Mistress Moire. You are most thoughtful.” She forced a smile, though nerves made it difficult.
Gabriel lifted the lever and pushed open the door, and then stood back and waited for her to enter.
The room was warm, the fire blazing. Grace fumbled at the ties that fastened her cloak, her fingers clumsy, and finally got them free. Gabriel laid her bundle on a nearby chest and lifted the cloak from her shoulders to hang it on a peg behind the door.
The bed was much like the one she had slept in the night before, large and sturdy. The tartans and pelts were folded down, showing spotlessly clean sheets. Her heart was suddenly racing and her breathing coming in nervous pants.
A tray of cheese and bread and a pitcher with cups stood on a side table.
Gabriel’s fingers brushed along her sleeves, and he slipped his arms around her and held her back against him. “Are ye afraid of what will happen between us, leannon?” He spoke softly against her ear, and she shivered.
She rested her hands on the muscular arm encircling her. “Mayhap—a wee bit. ’Tis more… they ken what we are about.” She covered her hot cheeks with her hands.
Gabriel chuckled. “But only you and I will ken how we please each other, lass.”
He pressed a kiss to her temple, then moved to the tray to pour the wine. He offered her the cup, his gaze steady. “I am in no hurry, Grace. This is too important to rush.”
He strode to the washbasin, washed his hands and face, and blotted them with a towel.
This was her Gabriel, her husband, the man she had fought to wed. Had prayed to wed. The man she had loved for two years. She would not allow her innocence and nerves to stand in the way of pleasing him.
He sat at the foot of the bed, loosened the laces running down the sides of his boots, and tugged them free. She went to the basin and washed the dust from the day’s activities from her hands and face before removing the hairpins so her braid fell over her shoulder.
After a small, bracing sip of the wine, she left the cup on the washstand. The buckle of the new girdle was stiff, and she had to struggle with it for a moment. Once free of it, she draped it across the back of the one chair in the room. Her soft shoes slipped easily off her feet. She joined him at the foot of the bed.
She had been waiting for this moment for months, as had he.
She studied his large, stocking-covered feet next to her own small ones. She raised the hem of her gown, bundling the fabric in her lap and baring her garters. Her breathing hitched with nerves and excitement. “Would it please you to unwrap your gift, husband?”

Gabriel’s eyes rested for a brief moment on her naked thighs. The wolfish gleam she had glimpsed in his eyes in the chapel flared again. His strong throat worked as he swallowed. “Aye, wife. Very much.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!!

I love to include other author’s books I read in my newsletter so here are some friend’s books you might enjoy. Check them out if you're interested.

 Amy Durham writes young adult romance. Gabe’s Secret is the second book in a series and it is available for preorder.  Release date is April 11th.

Here’s the blurb:
Gabe Jenkins has a secret... 

Nobody knows that Gabe Jenkins comes from money... and from scandal. And he wants to keep it that way. He's perfectly happy managing Ugly Mug, a coffee shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, leaving his trust fund untouched and his past in Kansas City buried.

That is, until Rachelle Taya finds herself in desperate need of money.

Rachelle comes from nothing. The daughter of a single mother who barely scraped enough together to keep them fed, Rachelle knows the meaning of hard work and hard times. Finally standing on her own two feet, the last thing she wants is charity. From anyone.

Gabe's had his eye on Rachelle for some time. Tired of waiting for her to get the hint, Gabe steps up his game. Their romance is just beginning when news of Rachelle's long-absent, no-good father surfaces, drowning her mother in a major financial crisis. Gabe has the means to make her problems go away, but that will mean revealing the truth about his family. Can he find a way to help without divulging his past or bruising Rachelle's pride?

And when the truth is finally exposed, will their love be destroyed by Gabe's secret?

Amazon -
B&N -
iBooks -

Cherie Marks.  She writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy She has a very distinctive voice. So check her out. By the way, the book is only $.99 right now so snap it up!

Here's the blurb: 
Janna Thompson believes she’s going downright mental. In the past few weeks, she’s seeing things no one else can see and can’t shake an ominous presence. Yet, when a hot cop with a protective instinct moves into her apartment building, things might be looking up.

Cade Lanter is no ordinary being. The son of a human policeman and a Queen of the Fae, he lives in the mortal world for now. When an enemy of old threatens the balance of both the human world and
 Eiru, Land of the Fae, he must fight the would-be usurper in the human realm. Of course, that might require more focus than he can muster lately since a certain, sexy neighbor keeps him distracted.

Their two, unlikely worlds collide when he becomes The Fae Next Door.

L.J. Charles has a new release. It's the another book in her TAP Team Series. Pierce and Everly are two of my favorite characters. And  I've been reading these books since the Everly Gray series so I know you'll enjoy this one!!

Here's the blurb: 

And the countdown begins…
Vlad Koslov has a vendetta, and Tynan Pierce is his target.
Pierce has sworn to protect two material witnesses—a routine job for his company, TaP Security, until Koslov accepts a contract with organized crime to assassinate the witnesses.
Seventeen years of history and hatred explode when Koslov discovers Pierce is the obstacle protecting his targets. The evil born deep in Koslov’s psyche pushes him to delay fulfilling the contract so he can achieve his vendetta by eliminating Pierce’s family and friends. One. By. One.
Everly Gray, Pierce’s wife and partner, isn’t about to allow Koslov to murder the people she holds dear, especially not her husband
Pierce and Everly stand together as the TaP Team. Their mission: to protect the innocent in the chaos of a perfect storm.
Buy links:

From my Friend Candace Clark.  WELCOME TO LOVELY. The first book of a new series!!

Here's the BLURB:
Discover what evil lurks in the shadows as Samantha Roberts puts her life in danger, and their love on the line, helping Detective Daniel Drake unravel this mystery..... WELCOME TO LOVELY.
Lovely is a charming place tucked deep in the Appalachian Mountains. One hot August morning the sleepy little town awakens to the horrific murder of the beautiful, yet troubled, Emily Teller. The killing doesn’t stop with her.
Putting newly appointed Detective Daniel Drake to the test, the Lovely murders, call into question his promotion and push his relationship with local television reporter Samantha Roberts to the limits. Nothing is more important to Daniel than catching the killer tormenting his town. At least, that's what he thinks.
For Samantha Roberts, the Lovely murders are the breaking news story she thought she wanted. An opportunity that could propel her career to the next level, but that would mean leaving Lovely and Daniel behind. Are the murders the wish that becomes a curse?
While Samantha and Daniel struggle to deal with their professional demons, Lovely’s time as a safe, innocent, small town fades into the hills that protect it from the outside world.

Thank you so much for being a reader.  
I appreciate each and every one of you and without you I could not do this wonderful job of writing. 
It is my joy and such a blessing.

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Teresa J. Reasor

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To Capture A Highlander's Heart The Wedding Night (Excerpt)and a GIVEAWAY

I'm getting sooooo excited about the release! I just had to post another excerpt! I'm so proud of this book. It's the best historical romance I've written thus far. Loved writing it and LOVED my hero. 

The Blurb: 
Highland warlord Gabriel Campbell plans to wed Grace MacNab, but is stunned to learn the banns have been challenged on the grounds Grace is a lady by birth. They cannot marry under the king’s law without permission.

The man Grace fears most has come to Caisteal Sith to force her into marriage. And there are others eager to offer for her in exchange for access to the charter the king’s regent has given her, but she’s in love with Gabriel. Though she doubts the depth of Gabriel’s feelings, she’s convinced he’s still the best man to lead her clan and fulfill her heart’s desire.

Can the two stand together to fight tradition and win? Or will their chance at happiness be forever out of reach?

Preorder Now:

 Read and Excerpt: 

Grace slipped into the room. She froze just inside, allowing the door to close behind her. As soon as she saw him standing next to naked at the washbasin, color flared in her cheeks and she turned to face the door.
“I beg pardon, Gabriel. I thought you would still be abed.”
“Aye, I would be, but I’ve grown tired of lying about. Derrick gave me nothin’ but more gruel to break my fast. I have a hankering for lumpy oats and eggs boiled to bouncing.”
Grace’s eyes flashed with laughter when she glanced over her shoulder. “I can fetch you some.”
He studied her expression. She had kept her distance since he called her his love. Instead of being pleased, she had shrunk far within herself, just as Derrick had described. His Grace was trying to shield her soft heart, even from him. And he was at fault.
Her recent coolness would pass and she would warm to him again. He had to believe that. But would it be a good thing? Would it not be kinder to encourage the distance? The pain the thought triggered nearly brought him to his knees. He was not strong enough to encourage her to turn away from him. He had to hold onto the hope the Earl of Moray would accept Lord Alexander’s plea.
“Will you fetch my shirt, lass? ’Tis there on the bed.” His voice sounded raspy around the knot in his throat.
“Aye.” She scooped up the garment and rushed to his side, eyes lowered.
He could not don the shirt and hold the towel in place too.
Grace’s cheeks flared with color, but she bundled the fabric and lifted on tiptoe to slip it over his head. She helped him guide the injured arm into the sleeve. He released the towel and slid the other into place. Since the fabric fell to mid thigh, he was covered enough for his Grace’s delicate sense of modesty.
Slipping in close beneath his arm, she put her own around his waist. She seemed so small next to his bulk, he hung back, leaning against the table. If he fell with her, she might be hurt. He straightened his shoulders and gathered his strength, determined not to fall.
Her hand resting against his chest triggered a sharp need for more of her touch. He tightened his arm around her shoulders, and they wove a path to the bed. When he lowered himself to the straw mattress, he gripped her hips and pulled her down with him. With her body stretched atop his scantily-covered frame, nature took its course, and he grew hard against her.
He’d been stiff as a pike for her for weeks, but had refused to act on it. She wanted to be wed before tasting the sweetness of the marriage bed, and he wanted to prove to her she was worthy of the wait.
He dearly regretted both their decisions. He found the tender spot on her neck he knew was sensitive, kissed it, and was rewarded by her shiver.
Her eyes had never looked so dark as when she pushed up to look down at him then said, “Show me what t’ do, Gabriel.”
All the blood seemed to drain from his head to pool in his groin, despite the weakness of his illness, his need grew rampant. “Grace…”
“I want to be with you as a wife is with her husband.”
“We are na’ wed.”
He wanted to be the honorable man she loved, wanted to treat her honorably. If he took her now, and it was discovered, they would both pay dearly. God help him, as desperately as he wanted her, it would be worth it. But he wouldn’t allow Grace to be hurt or shamed. And what of the child they might make together?
She straddled his hips and spread the fabric of her kirtle and surcoat out of the way. Her garters brushed his bare thighs and his breath caught in his throat. The warm, intimate heart of her body was so close. It would only take a tug to bare himself and push inside her. The temptation was torture, and he pushed himself up to lean back against the headboard and bunched the tail of his long shirt over his lap, hiding his display of manly desire for fear of bringing her innocence to a startling end.
The harsh beat of his heart thundered in his ears when she crawled up to touch her smooth lips to his. He smelled the apple mead upon her breath and, with a swipe of his tongue, tasted it. He bit back a groan of frustration and need.
It was fear and defiance he read in her eyes when she broke the kiss. “If you take my virginity, mayhap they winna want me, Gabriel.”
It was the possibility of their being parted driving her to recklessness. “Any man would have to be a dead stump not t’ want ye, Grace.”
“We both ken that isna true.”
“Lord Alexander’s guardianship made the men cautious. You have the grace and manners of a lady, and you can read and write. It pricks a man’s pride when his wife is more learned than he.”
“I am not more learned, just versed in a different kind of knowledge. It doesna bother you that I can do those things. Does it?”
“Nay, lass. I take value and pride in your abilities.” And he could read a bit and write his name as well as any noble, though he rarely had need of those skills.
She rested her cheek upon his shoulder, and brushed her lips over his neck, then skimmed his jaw.
He swallowed with difficulty. He could not set her aside and risk making her feel as though he had rejected her affection.
They must not consummate their betrothal…but he could give her pleasure and perhaps soothe her panic.
With that in mind, Gabriel pulled the ribbon between her breasts, loosening the top of her kirtle. The lily-white skin of her shoulders beckoned, and he tasted the slope of one with his lips and nipped it gently. Grace’s quickly drawn breath made him smile. She was so innocent, yet primed for more. In the past weeks he’d dreamt of a hundred ways he wanted to take her.
When he folded back her kirtle, her surcoat pushed her small, perfectly shaped breasts upward, the peaks showing just over the edge of her shift. It wasn’t weakness from his illness that set his hands, his body, to trembling, but the promise of feeling her warm skin beneath his touch.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. 

I'm giving away 5 copies of To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Wedding Night to five lucky people who comment on this post.  So be sure to leave your email address in your comment so I can choose a winner. 

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About Teresa Reasor
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Teresa Reasor was born in Southeastern Kentucky, but grew up a Marine Corps brat. The love of reading instilled in her in Kindergarten at Parris Island, South Carolina made books her friends during the many transfers her father's military career entailed.

After twenty-one years as an Art Teacher and ten years as a part time College Instructor, she’s now retired and living her dream as a full time Writer.

Her body of work includes both full-length novels and shorter pieces in many different genres, Military Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Children’s Books.

To find out more about her and her books visit:
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Seven Nights of Sin: a New Release from Sabrina York and friends

I'm so glad to announce a new release from Sabrina York and Friends!

Releasing March 14th!
Tiara Giveaway!


One night, one tryst can change everything...

Seven Sensuous stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sabrina York, with bestselling and award-winning authors Maggi Andersen, Lynne Conolly, Eliza Lloyd, Suzi Love, Hildie McQueen, and Victoria Vane. Enter a world of passion and mystery where dashing heroes and dauntless heroines come together in a scorching conflagration that will will tip your world on its end. 

LUSCIOUS by Sabrina York
Revenge...or redemption? Which will he choose?

Can one night with a rake be enough for a lifetime?

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Victoria Vane
 She found heaven in the devil’s arms.

UNDER A SILVER MOON by Hildie Mcqueen
The shadows of the past fall over a man and a woman attempting to start anew.

He can't resist a woman in trouble. Will he ever learn?

WHAT HE WANTS by Lynne Connolly
Love hides in unexpected places...

Love revealed at a courtesan’s ball.

Preorder Now:


When Deveny Hargrove rescues a waif in a rainstorm in the middle of nowhere, he has no idea that she represents his long-awaited chance at vengeance. When she offers him her virginity—in an attempt to escape an unwanted society marriage—he has to agree. To his surprise, very little of his motivation stems from punishing her brother.

The fact is, Matilda Paddington represents his chance at revenge...or redemption…but his choice could destroy them both.

Read an excerpt
What Providence. That this man—one who, other than the beard, was perfectly acceptable for her purposes, and damn handsome to boot—should stop and pick her up?
Clearly God in heaven above was on her side.
“You do realize this is something that cannot be undone?”
She had the sense he was asking the question purely because his moral code required it. “I do.”
“You are quite young…to be making a decision that will change everything.”
“Everything?” she asked. “Do you really believe that one act changes who a person is? At their core?”
He stared at her as though stunned to hear such words from a lady’s lips. But then he said, “I certainly hope not.”
His tone was so dark, so tormented, she had to ask, “Have you done things?” Things that changed him irrevocably?
“Madam, I have just returned from France.”
“Ooh.” How fascinating. “Are you a soldier?”
“I was. An officer in the King’s Dragoons.”
Oh. A cavalry man. She loved horses. “Did you see much action?”
“Far too much.”
“I am sorry.”
He blinked and she realized how lovely his eyes were. A light blue, almost crystalline, with large pupils and a dark ring around the irises, making it hard to look away. “Why are you sorry?” he said, his voice dropping low.
“You must have suffered.”
“I was injured.”
“Yes, but I meant spiritually.”
“Spiritually?” His tone indicated he’d never even considered those wounds.
“War is hell,” she said. She knew of such things. She’d read several books on the topic.
“Yes. It is.”
“But you are home now. And safe.”
“Yes.” He looked out the window and stroked his beard as though he were remembering some of his losses.
She wished one of them had been the beard.
She really disliked beards on men.
“So do you?”
His attention jerked back to her. “What?”
“Do you really believe one act can change a person?”
“I think everything we do, everything we say, every breath we take changes us.”
She blew out an impatient breath. “That is far too deep a rumination for this conversation.”
“Is it?” Why he seemed amused was a mystery.
“Most certainly. We are talking about my giving myself to a man who is not and never shall be my husband.”
“We are talking about you giving your innocence to a man you do not know. Do you have any idea how dangerous that can be?”
“I suppose it would be dangerous.” She had to admit this. “But it is not dangerous with you.”
He reared back. An odd mixture of shock and anger and confusion crossed his face. “How can you possibly know what kind of man I am? What I could do to you when I got you alone? Damn it, Tildy, I could be a monster for all you know.”
“But you’re not.” She knew. She could see it in his eyes.
As her words soaked in, she saw it blossom there, his deep gratification for her trust. But he sighed and scrubbed his face and said “Tildy,” in a tone that made clear he was about to turn her down.
So she went on the offensive. “However, if you do not want to be the one to deflower me, I totally understand. I imagine it can be rather unsettling to be approached by a woman with such a request.”
He murmured, “You have no idea,” beneath his breath, but she heard.
She patted his knee. “And you were injured in the war.”
His features scrunched up. He stared at her hand. “Just what is that supposed to mean?”
She batted her lashes in an attempt to portray her innocence. “I know what happens when men are injured in war.” She leaned closer. “They become incapable. I totally understand.”
“I am not incapable!” Surely there was no need for him to bellow.
“Unwilling then?”
“Bloody hell, no.”
“It is perfectly acceptable if you do not find me attractive. I do look rather like a drowned rat. I am sure I can find someone on the streets of London who is willing to do the deed.” She sighed heavily, just for effect, and then added, “I do hope I don’t get the pox.”
Silence sizzled between them. She determinedly held his gaze, despite the fact that his stare was fierce. His lips worked, as though he was attempting to form a response, several responses, as the moment stretched, and then he reached across the carriage, took hold of her arms and whipped her onto his lap as though she weighed no more than a thistledown.
“Not interested?” he growled. “How is this for not interested?”
And then, he kissed her.
And heaven.
As enchanting as those lips had felt dancing over her hand, it was nothing to this. This was as wild as the storm raging outside, but still unbearably gentle and sweet. His scent suffused her, filled her lungs and stirred some latent hunger deep within. She wanted more. More. More.
And this desire had little to do with her goal of wriggling free of an unwanted betrothal. It had only to do with him. This man. This hunger. This passion.
She’d never felt it before. Not like this.
She’d only felt a passion for passion, which was very different indeed.
His body was warm, heating her. His hands roved, scudding over her shoulders and down to her waist to hold her in place. His lips were hard on her, demanding, yet sensitive to her needs. They engulfed her senses in a velvet trap, one she did not want to escape.
He pulled her closer, settled her more firmly on his lap and leaned her against the wall of the carriage and deepened the kiss, easing in his tongue and tasting her. She had to respond, but she had no idea how her untried exploration would affect him.
Something hard grew against her hip. The knowledge of what it was lit a fire in her belly. Need blossomed and raged. She thrust her fingers in his hair, twining in the strands and tugging. He did the same until they were holding each other still, each consuming the other.
Her mind spun, her body awoke. That long dreamed of desire arose.
She had no idea why, with one harsh movement, he pushed her back into her seat.
They stared at each other across the width of the carriage, the only sounds, their panted breath.
Heat walked between them. Ribbons of carnal lust bound them close, though they no longer touched. Intensity roared.
“Why did you stop?” She didn’t intend for her voice to crack, to be filled with anguish, but it happened.
His lungs worked like a bellows. His stare burned through her. His brow was prickled with sweat, despite the chill of the evening. “Not here.” A whisper, rough and low.
“Not here?”
“I won’t take you in a carriage. You deserve better.”
Oh, she liked that he thought so. She thought so too. “Where then?”
“I am staying the night at a friend’s house in London. Large, comfortable bed. A crackling fire. Excellent wine. All the comforts a proper seduction requires.”
She could not hold back a grin. “Oh. Is this a proper seduction?”
“It will be.” He settled back in his seat and studied her. There was something in his expression that made it clear to her what he was thinking. He was plotting her seduction. She shuddered.
“You really don’t need to seduce me, you know.”
His lips quirked. “Seduction is half the fun. Besides, you deserve to know all the pleasure there is to be had between a man and a woman.”
Her brow furrowed. “I thought there was just the tupping.” She knew all about it. She raised horses, after all. The male simply mounted the female and they danced around for a bit and then a foal came in the spring. It all seemed pretty simple.
“Oh, there’s more than that.”
“Is there? Do tell.”
“I will not. I’d rather show you. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

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