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The Ebay Shuffle

Being snowed in has been bad for my pocketbook because I've discovered Ebay. OMG! Years ago my daughter set up an Ebay account in my name to buy a baby gift. I never thought about it again until we had a blizzard and the snow held me captive for several days. I just came off a stint of on line classes, one on psychic research that got my curiosity and my creative juices flowing. At the same time, I was in the process of having flooring laid in my bedroom. I retired all the old decor, painted the walls and ceiling, and bought a new bedspred with the tree of life woven into it. I dragged out all my dragons to display (I collect them). And inspired by the dragons and tree, I decided to make a macrame lamp and create a wall hanging to decorate the space behind my bed. I bought the twine and rings that I needed and started the lamp. While working out the design for the wall hanging, I decided to use natural jute and black and green macrame twine. I have a tree of life in mind with a lea