NEW RELEASE! In the SEALS In Paradise Series Cythia D'Alba's Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy

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A lightning strike fried just about every electronic thing in my house and I'm just now getting everything back up and running. I just finished Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic and it's now in my editors very competent hands. It ended up being a little longer than I expected, 68,000 words. And it's a wild ride. I'm looking forward to its release September 28th.

With the lightning strike I'm a little late getting Cynthia's news out, but here it is...

Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy the newest release in the SEALS in PARADISE series is OUT!!! It was released July 27th. Awesome cover and blurb.

She’s hankering for some happiness. He’s facing his fate alone. Together, can they find
forever on the menu?

Addison Treadway needs time to heal. With her loveless marriage finally demolished by her
breast cancer diagnosis, the talk-show host never expected to also lose her job. And since her
weekend as a bridesmaid is her last before chemo, the thirty-three-year-old resolves to put her
perky girls to good use… and the groom’s hunky brother is the perfect choice to kiss them

Without orders to fulfill, Eli Miller feels aimless. With the former Navy SEAL’s duties now
turned towards the family farm, he’s confused about what his future holds. And before he can
figure out his next move, he finds the supposedly single woman he regretfully slept with at his
brother’s wedding is staying in his parents’ apartment.

Grateful to have acquaintances offer their home for her recovery from reconstructive surgery,
Addison is floored when the sexy guy who ghosted her walks through the door. But when Eli
uncovers the truth and sparks fly again, he starts cooking up something he’s sure she’s going to

Can they get past their awkward introduction and serve up a sizzling happily ever after?

Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy is a sweltering standalone contemporary romance in the SEALs in
Paradise series. If you like characters confronting change, laughter-filled confusion, and red-hot
passion, then you’ll adore Cynthia D'Alba’s dish of desire.

Buy Hot SEAL, Sweet and Spicy to order up some tasty satisfaction today! It celebrates National Food Day, but her next release Hot SEAL, Labor Day celebrates that holiday and will be released August 31, 2021 And look at that cover. Ooooo Baby!

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Navy SEAL, Sawyer Beckett, aka Nomad, is a floater, moving from SEAL Team to SEAL Team as needed. He’s the perfect guy for the “get-in, get-out” jobs. Find the problem, solve the problem, and move on is his philosophy on life. He never stays too long nor remains long enough for roots.

For the past twenty-two years, Rebecca Henry has walked on the stage and performed piano concerts for thousands. Now she exhausted, frustrated, and in hiding from her manager, her tour director, and her parents, unsure if she wants to go on.

Where can a woman with serious life problems find a professional problem-solver? Who would have thought it would be on a backroad in California?

My Book Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic will be out the month after Cythia's Labor Day. Mine celebrates Halloween with a nod to psychic ability but mostly it's about the HOT, HOT, HOT chemistry between my main characters and a whole lot of suspense.

Navy SEAL Gage Fontenot is home for the first time in two years because his grandmother, who raised him, is in the hospital after a brutal assault. He has four weeks to get the lay of the land, find who’s responsible, and guarantee the attacker gets the punishment he deserves. When he’s met at the airport by Mia, the woman he jilted six years ago, his visit becomes much more complicated. Because his reasons for leaving New Orleans all lead back to her.

Psychic Mia Blanchard knows there’s always a price to pay for the best things in life, but she’s shocked by the dramatic change in Gage. Gone is the lighthearted Cajun who played guitar in the New Orleans clubs. What has happened to make him cut himself off from his home and family? She needs to find out, because she can’t move on until she puts their past behind her.

But there is more than their personal history in play. She sees danger ahead for them both. But Gage never believed in her gift in the past. How can she convince him to trust it now?

A small unedited excerpt to whet your appetite: (Warning: this is a violent scene)

A faint unfamiliar creak woke her. Not the sound of the house naturally settling, but something else. She lay for several seconds straining to hear more while her vision adjusted to the dark. The sound of her own breathing seemed loud and she held it. She sensed something, someone in the room. Chill bumps raced along her arms. Fear shot a rush of adrenaline through her body and her scalp prickles. Afraid to move anything but her eyes, she scanned the space so shadowed and still.

A shape became discernible in the corner, a darker outline against the charcoal gray of the wall, the lack of light leeching away any color. Someone watched her, foreign, threatening, his body tense, his face hidden.

Fear stole her ability to move, to scream, to do anything but drag in shallow breaths and wait for the paralysis to pass. Before that could happen he was on her, straddling her body, his hand pressing down on her throat, cutting off her air.

She clawed at his hand and could only scratch at the glove that covered it. She went for his face, but a knit mesh covered that too.

She rocked from side to side in an attempt to break his hold and gripped his sleeve. Bright spots exploded in her vision. Her chest hurt with the need to breathe. The spots turned to static darkening the edges of her sight to pitch, smothering her will.

Her hand fell weakly down his body. She couldn't die like this. With one final attempt at survival she latched onto his balls and squeezed with every ounce of strength she had left.

He screamed. With a fist like iron, he hit her in the face.

If you're interested in any of the other SEALS In Paradise Series you can go to Paradise Author Page on Amazon and check the whole series out. There are 36 books available.

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