Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monumental Discovery Made in Scottish Loch


 Monumental Discovery Made in Scottish Loch
 Byline by Teresa J. Reasor

            Thousands of years ago great glaciers clawed their way across the northwest regions of Scotland before gasping their last shuddering breath near Inverness. Their agonizing journey gouged out a place of such raw powerful beauty it catches your breath and refuses to relinquish it. In the valley squeezed between rocky naked peaks lies Loch Maree.
            It is in the deep cold depths of the loch a discovery is made, a henge similar to the great monolithic circle on the Salisbury Plain. But unlike Stonehenge, these monoliths are etched with an ancient Celtic language called Ogham.
            Such a find draws the interest of billionaire Sebastian Nicodemus and for ten long years he urges the Scottish government to accept his patronage to uncover the stones and study them. Early in 2011 they decide to take him up on the offer. 
            Ill with pancreatic cancer, Nicodemus has researched the henge and discovered some obscure texts that hint at the healing power of the stones. Having exhausted the options of modern medicine and desperate to be cured, he pours his money into uncovering the henge and learning its secrets.
            A cofferdam is constructed to seal off the site and the water pumped out. The stone circle tastes the air for the first time in nearly seven hundred years. 
            Archaeologists from all over the world come to study its language, age and purpose.  It is here Regan Stanhope and six other brilliant archaeology students, chosen from a list of over two hundred, come to study and learn. 
             And others, like Quinn Douglas and his team of salty Saturation Divers, come to help reconstruct the site as it was three thousand years before.
            Thus begins the story of TIMELESS a Paranormal Romantic Suspense set in Loch Maree, Scotland in the year 2011.


Amy said...

What a great intro to the book! Love the way it just grips the reader and sucks us right into the story! Awesome post!

Teresa Reasor said...

Thanks for posting a comment Amy. I so much appreciate you.

Julie Robinson said...

Wow, what a premise. I thought this was historical when I first read it!

Teresa Reasor said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm appreciate you taking the time.
Teresa R.