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Hallee Bridgeman and her Jewels

I'm hosting Hallee Bridgeman this week on my blog. Hallee writes edgy Inspirational Romance. What makes Hallee's books edgy is that her characters have had hard pasts that have required them to make tough decisions. Their paths to faith haven't been easy. Because faith, just like everything, has to be worked at. And unlike most inspirational romances, her characters' physical awareness and passion for each other is acknowledged, not just referred to in the abstract or tiptoed around. Though there isn't physical consummation, there is an understanding that passion inspired by love is a gift from God, just like all things in life.

Hallee's written a wonderful trilogy. All of the books are great, but the third one, the one she's talking about today, is my absolute favorite.

Hallee thank you for being on my blog today.
Tell us what inspired your story?   

This series was originally a traditional romance and was submitted to a traditional publisher.  As soon as it was out of my hands and in the mail, I was strongly convicted to change the genre to inspirational.  The stories and characters were already really good – I loved them and most people who read the books before submission loved them, too.   When I sat down to adjust the story, to change the characters and add an element and a story line of faith, I discovered three books that were, surprisingly, so much better than before.  I couldn’t believe how much characterization improved just by adding the element of faith.  I knew when they were all done that I’d written the books God wanted out there, not what I wanted out there.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?   

In Christ, we can all be new creations.  It doesn’t matter who or what we once were.  It only matters who we are now and what we can be with the presence and power of God. 

If you’re writing a series, have you kept the same characters throughout?
And what through line or theme have you used to tie it together?   

This is book 3 in a series of three sisters, so obviously the sisters and the husbands from the first two books are in it.  But, there is also an underlying theme that whatever our circumstances, past, and backgrounds, we are all worthy of God’s love and redemption.

Is what you’ve written based on your own experiences someone you know?  

Strangely, I just went with feeling when writing them.  The three sisters come from a tragic background filled with poverty, drugs, and sexual abuse.  I had a happy childhood with wonderful parents who are still married, and three amazing siblings.  I’ve had readers approach me who said that they felt safe sharing their stories with me because I’d obviously experienced that kind of life and they knew they had a sympathetic ear.  They’ve said that only someone who had lived it could write it with such emotion.  That has really encouraged me and I hope that in some way, I can provide encouragement back.

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The very moment Derrick meets Sarah, he realizes he has a reason to live. Sarah sees only an unshaven tough kid covered with tattoos and shuts down every advance.

Sarah Thomas has no memory of her broken young life leading up to the tragic murder of her mother. Her memory begins the morning she wakes in the home of her loving adoptive parents. She doesn't even know her sisters exist until her 15th year. She learns to love her siblings, but always feels a little out of place in their presence.

A benevolent billionaire offers Derrick DiNunzio a home and an education. Fresh off the streets and rescued from a criminal future, Derrick sheds his old life. He trades his ripped leather jacket for silk suits; dealing drugs for mentoring "at risk" youth; lock picking and back door jobs for the rigors of mountain climbing and hotel management.

Sarah cannot seem to see beyond the past Derrick left behind … until one day she does. When they finally come together, an indictment threatens their future. Now the heat is on. Will Sarah finally set aside her prejudices and open her heart to true love or will the long forgotten past tear them apart forever?

You can purchase each one of Hallee's books separately in print and in ebook format.



Or you can purchase them all in one volume, which I think is fantastic!!!


Hallee's book covers were designed by Debi Warford. Check out her new website at Debi Warford Design.

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Hallee Bridgeman said...

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Teresa! This is a wonderful interview.


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You're welcome Hallee.

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Your series looks wonderful, Hallee, and I actually had them on my "To-Read" list even before this interview. Thanks, Teresa and Hallee for a great interview!

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What a great interview! Teresa thanks for hosting Hallee so we could learn more about her and her series!

Have a great week!

Jackie L.

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