Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Look Writing Challenge-- Breaking Away

Earlier this week, I was challenged by my friend and fellow-author Dara Ames to participate in the "LOOK Challenge".  I'm always up for a writing challenge and I loved reading hers so I'm posting mine and challenging three of my fellow authors to do the same.

Here's how it works:
Find the LOOKs in your current work-in-progress.
Choose your favorite 3 and post the paragraphs that contain them.
Pick some of your favorite author-buddies to "tag" and invite them to participate, too!

These three paragraphs are from the first chapter of the Third book of my SEAL TEAM Heartbreaker series. This book will be titled BREAKING AWAY.

  1. Lieutenant Harold “Flash” Carney looked through the thermal scope of the MK-11 sniper rifle and sighted, one-by-one, the four tangos on the adjoining roof. Each sentry guarded a corner of the building making it damn hard for his guys to slip inside. With the suppressor on his rifle, he could take out two, maybe three of the guards, but the fourth might just make it down the stairs to warn the fuckers below of their presences. He’d have to wait. Shit!
2. Since Doc and Bowie were helping the wounded Flash said, “I’ll take care of the stretcher.” He worked his way through the rooms one-by-one looking for any kind of supports he could use. Five apartments down the hall, he found an old bed frame. The mattress was long gone but the wooden slats that had held it in place were still nailed in place. He jerked them free of the frame, and using his SOG knife, pried the nails free.  Taking the boards with him, he jogged down the hall to the stairwell to hit up Greenback and Strong Man for their t-shirts.

3. Bowie and Strong Man crouched over the stretcher, shielding Cutter from possible attack. The building's back door shoved open with a clang and a young boy of perhaps eight leaped out into the alley. Dim light from inside the stairwell spilled over Strong Man and he looked up, his blond, close-cropped hair exaggerating his American features. The earth slowed to a crawl. 
 I hope you enjoyed the three paragraphs from BREAKING AWAY.  I'm hoping to release it in about six months.

I'm tagging  Donna McDonald, Hayden Braeburn, and Taryn Raye

I hope they'll take up the challenge and post passages from their WORKS IN PROGRESS. What fun!!!


                                                                      BREAKING FREE


Taryn Raye said...

I'm not in the middle of a WIP at the moment (Will be starting Heart of the Surf in November for NaNo), but I'll look through Love by Design- the one I'm working on editing/formatting etc that will be my first self-pub and share from it. I'll post that as soon as I get a chance and will post back here to let you know when it's up. Thanks Teresa!

Taryn Raye said...

Oops! I forgot to come back and post yesterday! Here's the link to it.