Monday, October 28, 2013


Sun Mountain Reviews is hosting a Cover Reveal for me yesterday  And I'm sharing it again through my blog. If you are moved to share it with friends please do so.

And of course here's my own reveal. But go to sun mountain and read the excerpt she's posted.

The book is finished. The edits done. And all that's left is the last minute things that have to be dealt with before the release.

Enough said.  Here is the cover for  BREAKING AWAY (Book 3 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series)

The Blurb:

When lone wolf, Navy SEAL Harold “Flash” Carney agrees to act as an undercover operative for the FBI in an international smuggling sting, he revisits a past he hoped to leave behind forever. During the sting his handler is killed. Neck deep in a double cross and cut off from his team, Flash goes on the run with only his training to keep him alive.

Samantha Cross is desperate to leave her past as a battered wife behind, but her ex-husband is attempting to gain custody of their daughter, Joy, to keep them in his life. When her ex turns stalker, Sam is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her daughter and break his hold over them for good.

Despite their mutual wariness, Samantha and Flash are drawn to each other. But trust comes hard. When the walls both have erected start to crumble, trouble surfaces from all fronts, and Flash has no choice but to break away from the ingrained habits of a lifetime to save the one thing he’s always wanted and thought he’d never have—a family.

I'll be posting an excerpt in a couple of days. 

I hope you'll check back.

Teresa Reasor

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