Writing Through

I thought I could write through anything. I used to turn to my writing to work through anger, frustration, and sadness. I wrote through disappointment, exhaustion, and loneliness. I wrote to remove myself from physical and emotional situations I couldn't escape. I had a very stressful job when I was first published, and my writing was my haven.

But I couldn't write through the grief, anxiety, and financial chaos that followed my husband's passing. 

It's been a journey to get to the point where I can put my fingers on the computer keys and write a sentence. I had started a book in October before his passing. But at the time, his illness had progressed to the point he needed me 24 hours a day. 

I never left the house without my daughter or mother being there. And if I did, it was while he was asleep to go to the grocery store before he ever woke for the day. 

I'm now trying to return to my past schedule of writing. But it's still difficult to sustain the schedule I set for myself before. I'm building up to it gradually. 

Just in the last week, I opened my document and felt that special rush of excitement. (I'd tried several times before and just felt dull and emotionally distant.) But this week, I read over the 20,000 words I'd written and decided to love my characters. Which is a big thing for a writer. You don't want to write about people you can't like or root for.  You can't relate to them if they aren't close to you. So I discovered my characters again and decided I wanted to tell their story.  So I'm making headway, but sadly not at the pace I once did. 

But I'm working! And I really need that. It gives me purpose. But it also helps me escape some of the same things it has in the past. 

I wanted to share the cover of my next book and the blurb.  When I'm further along and back into the steady rhythm of things again, I'll set up a preorder for the book. 

Building Courage 

Photographer Brynn Barrington spent two years on the road, taking pictures, podcasting about survival, and working through the trauma of a brutal attack by embracing life. She’s taken on surfing, sky diving, and now wants to learn to scuba dive. 

But when she meets Tucker Giles, she’s wary. The handsome SEAL triggers desires she long ago buried deep and never thought to feel again.

Navy SEAL Tucker Giles has been a certified diver for years.  After a dangerous encounter with a bull shark during a mission, he decides teaching Brynn to dive is just the ticket to shake off the lingering aftereffects. His instant attraction to Brynn is strong, and when he discovers what she’s endured, he’s determined to convince her to give romance another shot. With him.

After her first open-water dive, Brynn commemorates the event by taking a photo of her and Tucker.  When out of the blue her apartment’s broken into by a stalker, Brynn feels like she’s living the nightmare all over again.  

Has she once again chosen the wrong man? Or has her past come back to haunt her? 

Thank you for sticking with me through all this. It's been since September since I released the last book. I know that's a long wait, but the next one is coming. 

Read on,

Teresa Reasor 


Jeanie Jackson said…
I know grief, but I cannot imagine what you have been through and what you are going through now. I think of you all the time and send healing vibes. I wish you could feel them. The fact that you are reconnecting with your wonderful characters is great. Every step forward is amazing. I wish the financial aspect did not have to be part of what you face, but for your emotional well-being as well as your financial well-being, and because and I am a greedy but loving fan, I hope you can get back to writing as part of healing. You are amazing my dear awesome friend.
Thank you so much, Jeanie. You are my stanch friend and fan and you've always cheered me on. And I appreciate you and your support so much.

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